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How to Remove a Passcode from iPhone

In need of removing the passcode from your iPhone because you forgot the password, or didn't want a passcode to lock the screen anymore? Let's learn how to remove the iPhone passcode below.

Pauline Larson
Updated on Nov 15, 2022

You can easily get your iPhone passcode removed by taking different approaches

It's essential to set a passcode to your iPhone for preserving your data secure from intruders and meddling loved ones. But you may fall into a panic if you forgot the passcode and couldn't get into the iPhone, since all of your contacts, photos, social media accounts, etc., are locked between the screens. No access to any. Then you'll want to remove the iPhone passcode to fix the issue.

From another perspective, the only approach you could take to remove the forgotten passcode from your iPhone is to reset the device. Unluckily, after the reset, all the data will get removed along with the old passcode. So hopefully you've made a recent backup for restoring the data later.

To assist those who want to remove the forgotten iPhone passcode, several different solutions are as below for your convenience. If you're searching for a quick and easy way to remove the password from your iPhone, turn to iPhone Unlocker for help.

Also, we have introduced another method to remove the passcode without erasing all the iPhone data in the ending part. It's feasible in the situation when someday you think it too troublesome to use a passcode on the device, and consequently decide to give up using it in the future.

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Remove a Password on iPhone via Erase iPhone

As the release of iOS 15.2, Apple launched a new feature - Erase iPhone for its users to reset their iPhone directly, sparing them the trouble of using a computer. After entering consecutive incorrect passcodes, you will end up with an "iPhone Unavailable" or "Security Lockout" screen on your iPhone, as well as the "Erase iPhone" option on the right bottom.

It may be the most straightforward way for you to remove the passcode from your iPhone when it's locked, since you can just reset the device with a few simple taps on the phone screen. Here we'll walk you through the steps to remove the iPhone passcode in this way.

Note: Make sure you have updated your iPhone to iOS 15.2 or later, and enabled network before you use this method. Your Apple ID and password should be in hand, too.

Step 1: Keep entering the passcode randomly before the "iPhone Unavailable" screen shows up with the "Erase iPhone" option on the lower right corner. Tap on this button.

You will get an "Erase iPhone" button down here.

Step 2: A warning message appears to ask if you want to erase and reset the iPhone. Tap "Erase iPhone" again to go on.

Make sure of the reset by tapping "Erase iPhone"

Step 3: sign out by entering your Apple ID and password. Then select the same option as you did on the last step.

Log out your Apple account to remove the iPhone passcode

Soon your iPhone will begin to reset with an Apple logo and a loading bar on the screen. When it's finished, the phone will restart and the passcode you forgot will also be removed. You are then allowed to set up the device again and add a new code to it.

Remove a Password on iPhone via Recovery Mode

When the first method didn't work due to old iOS version or network problems, using Recovery Mode is another viable way to reset your iPhone and remove the passcode. It will also clean up your iPhone and erase the passcode so you can set up a new one from scratch.

Note: To use Recovery Mode as a solution, you need to connect the iPhone that needs removing passcode to iTunes from PC or Finder from Mac. Your PC should have Windows 10 or newer systems with the latest iTunes installed.

However, putting your iPhone into Recovery Mode might be a little tricky, since the process differs across devices. You can follow the instructions below carefully. Additionally, remember to plug your iPhone into the computer simultaneously when making the phone enter Recovery Mode.

  • For iPhone 8 and later, quickly press and release the Volume up button and the Volume down button in a row, then keep holding the Side button before the recovery mode screen pops out.
  • For iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, hold on to the Volume down button and the Side button at the same time, let them go only when you see the recovery mode screen.
  • For iPhone 6s and earlier, keep pressing both the Home button and the Side button, don't release your fingers until the recovery mode screen appears.

The Recovery Mode screen looks like what's above.

Your iPhone will be then automatically detected by iTunes, and you will be prompted with a window to confirm that you need to restore or update the recognized device. Select "Restore."

Start to remove the iPhone passcode by clicking "Restore"

Another message may appear, offering you the option of "Restore and Update". Click on it to allow iTunes download a software for your iPhone. Once the process is finished, the passcode on your iPhone will be removed and you can regain access to the device.

Move on with selecting "Restore and Update"

If your iPhone fail to get detected by iTunes, you may try a specialized but easy-to-use iPhone unlock tool below to solve the problem.

Note: Your iPhone may exit from Recovery Mode if the whole erasing process takes more than 15 minutes. In this case, you'll need to activate the device into Recovery Mode and start the reset process again.

Remove a Password on iPhone via iPhone Unlocker

Available for any iPhone and iPad models, iPhone Unlocker is a reputable and efficient passcode unlock tool that you can utilize to easily remove various kinds of passcodes, covering lock screen passcode, Face ID, Touch ID, ScreenTime passcode and Apple ID and password. It provides impressive performance and a user-friendly interface, enabling it to be a perfect choice for you to remove the passcode on your iPhone.

Free Download Free Download

Tip: This application supports all models of iPhone, including iPhone 14 (Plus, Pro, Pro Max), iPhone 13 (mini, Pro, Pro Max), iPhone 12 (mini, Pro, Pro Max), iPhone 11 (Pro, Pro Max,), iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8 (Plus), iPhone 7 (Plus), iPhone SE (1gen, 2gen, 3gen), iPhone 6s (Plus), iPhone 6 (Plus), iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S.

Let's see how this iPhone passcode removing tool works the magic on.

1. Launch the application on your Mac or PC, and select "Wipe Passcode." Next, click "Start."

2. Attach your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable, and reboot the phone into Recovery Mode to make it read by the application. If you don't know how, you can click on "Device is connected but not recognized" to check what to do exactly.

Continue to select your iPhone device information, and hit "Start."

3. An iOS software relative to your device will start to download.

When it's finished, enter "0000" to confirm the reset. Click "Unlock."

4. The unlocking process will then begin, as your iPhone will be reset simultaneously. Wait for a few minutes before it completes removing the passcode.

Soon you will no longer see a locked iPhone screen since the passcode has been removed successfully. Feel free to start the iPhone anew, or restore the data from the latest backup during the set-up process.

Remove passcode on iPhone via Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is an iPhone feature that allows you to track your phone through your iCloud account. You can identify the lost device's location and also erase your iPhone including the passcode remotely.

Note: Your iPhone should enable Find My iPhone and Internet connection before you start the erase process.


1. Navigate to Find My in iCloud.com either on another phone or computer browser. Log in with the same Apple ID credentials linked to your locked iPhone.

2. Once you've successfully logged in, you will catch sight of where the devices under this Apple account are located on a map. Then tap "All Devices" on the top, and pick the iPhone that needs removing the passcode.

3. There will be 3 options showing below the device, hit "Erase iPhone" at the rightmost to remove the iPhone lock screen passcode.

4. You'll notice that a window turns up for you to confirm the iPhone removing passcode. Click "Erase", and your iPhone will start to reset immediately. Soon you'll be able to gain access to the device again after the reset is done.

Remove iPhone Passcode in Settings (No Data Loss)

There's a possibility that you don't want to use a passcode anymore, because you consider it too inconvenient to type in the code every time you get into the phone. Well, here we will show you a way to get an iPhone passcode removed without any data loss in the situation when you still have access to your iPhone with the correct passcode.

Steps are as below:

  • Go to Settings, and scroll down to select "Face ID & Passcode".
  • Enter the lock screen passcode you set before.
  • Move down until you find the option of "Turn Passcode Off", then click on it.
  • Input the passcode again, and the passcode will then be removed from your iPhone.

If someday you need to reuse a passcode, just go to the same location above to turn it on.

Easily Remove the Password on Your iPhone

In this piece of writing, we have outlined various methods to remove the passcode from an iPhone. Choose the one that suits you most. And in your daily life, try to use the passcode you can easily remember, such as a special date that is meaningful to you. With time, you need to change it regularly. Always remember it and secret it.

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