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Unlock iPhone without Passcode in 4 Practicable Ways

If you're frustrated by accidentally getting locked out of your iPhone, just take it easy! This article will guide you through four methods on how to unlock iPhone without a passcode.

Alice Estelle
Updated on Nov 15, 2022

Follow this article to make you get into your iPhone without the passcode is possible!

If you don't know how to unlock your iPhone without a passcode, then you will be caught off guard when you encounter this situation. Because it is very easy to get your iPhone locked in daily life, such as forgetting the passcode and entering several wrong passcodes to get your iPhone locked, or someone played a prank on you and changed your iPhone password so that you're unable to access your iPhone.

To avoid such a frustrating situation, it is crucial to learn how to unlock your iPhone without a password. Don't be afraid, unlocking iPhone without a passcode is not as difficult as you think, that is, you can get into iPhone without a password by erasing your iPhone.

The only thing to note is that the process of erasing your iPhone will remove your old passcode and restore your iPhone to its default settings, but you can restore your personal data and files by taking a backup from iCloud. This article will introduce you 4 effective ways to unlock iPhone without a passcode. Choose one of your favorite ways to learn!

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Get into iPhone without a passcode via iTunes

This is an official method that allows you to erase your iPhone if you want to unlock iPhone without a passcode, but be aware that the process of unlocking iPhone through iTunes will delete all your private data and files. This method requires the help of iTunes to unlock the iPhone while the iPhone is in recovery mode. Proceed as follows:

1. Open and run the latest version of iTunes, and don't connect your computer to your iPhone in this step.

2. Turn off your iPhone and force it into recovery mode, remember to connect your iPhone to the computer during the process of entering recovery mode.

For iPhone 8 or later, after turning off your iPhone, press and hold the Side button until a data cable pointing to the computer appears on the screen, which indicates that your iPhone is in recovery mode.

For iPhone 7 series, after turning off the iPhone you have to long press the Volume Down button until the recovery mode appears before releasing.

For iPhone 6 or earlier, press and hold the Home button after turning off the iPhone and let it go when the recovery mode appears.

Put your iPhone into recovery mode by pressing and holding the correct button depending on the model of iPhone you are using.

3.After successful connection, when iTunes recognizes the connected iPhone, it will display your iPhone's information and pop up a box with Update and Restore options, click Restore.

4. Select Update and Restore in the next pop-up small box. When iTunes confirms that you want to erase iPhone, it will start the erasing process to help you remove your old password and restore your iPhone to factory settings.

Once the wiping process is complete, you can unlock your iPhone without the passcode and reset your iPhone according to your needs. Besides, if you have a backup, you can choose to restore your backup from computer or iTunes during the App & Data step of resetting your iPhone.

Unlock iPhone without a passcode with Erase iPhone

The second method is to use the feature that comes with iPhone, namely the Erase iPhone option to achieve the effect of unlocking iPhone without password. Compared with the first method, it is more convenient to use Erase iPhone to unlock iPhone without passcode, not only because it does not require a computer or iTunes, but also its operation steps are simpler than using iTunes.

There are a few things to note before using this method:

Your iPhone needs to run iOS 15.2 or later; your iPhone passcode needs to be entered incorrectly at least seven times in a row; your iPhone needs to be connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network; you have to remember your Apple account and passcode of your locked iPhone.

If you have met the above points, then follow the next instructions.

1. If you have already entered wrong passcode consecutively more than seven times, then tap the Erase iPhone option appeared in the bottom right corner of Unavailable iPhone screen.

2. When you confirm the information on the Erase All Content & Settings page, tap the Erase iPhone option again.

3. Then enter your Apple password according to the prompt, when the device is successfully verified, it will automatically start the erase process.

When the iPhone restarts with hello page, then you can get into your iPhone without taping the password, and you can also restore your data from iCloud or computer if you have a backup there.

How to unlock iPhone without the passcode with iPhone Unlocker

But not all computers have downloaded the latest version of iTunes, as well as not all iPhones having the option of Erase iPhone, so iPhone Unlocker is the most foolproof way for you to unlock an iPhone without the password.

iPhone Unlocker is a piece of software that solves the problem of being locked out of your iPhone for various reasons equipped with many useful features that make it one of the best tools to unlock an iPhone without a passcode. And its operation is simple and easy to understand, which can be completed with only a few mouse clicks.

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1. Launch iPhone Unlocker on your computer and click Wipe Passcode on the menu.

2. Connect the computer to the locked iPhone and put the iPhone into recovery mode. If you don't know how to enter recovery mode, click "device connected but not recognized" on the interface to follow the tutorial to put your iPhone into recovery mode.

3. Once connected, you will enter the page to confirm the device information and click Start to download the corresponding firmware package for your device.

4. After downloading the firmware package, pay attention to the red Warning part in the Unlock Confirmation that this step will wipe all the files on your iPhone, then follow the prompts to enter 0000 and click Unlock.

5. iPhone Unlocker will automatically put your iPhone into the erasing process and download the latest version of iOS for your device.

After successful unlocking, your iPhone will reboot up and you will be able to reset your iPhone and open iPhone without a passcode.

How to get into iPhone without the passcode with Find My iPhone

Although Find My iPhone feature is used to find and locate the iPhone, luckily it also allows you to remotely erase iPhone if you encounters situations where you need to unlock iPhone without a password. To use this method, Find My should be enabled on your iPhone before it is locked and your iPhone should have a stable and smooth network connection.

1. Search the iCloud.com webpage and log in to your Apple account, then click Find iPhone icon.

2. Select All Devices at the top of a map full of your iPhone's tracks and find your locked iPhone in the list and then click on it.

3. Select Erase iPhone from the small box that pops up in the upper left corner.

4. Click Erase in the next small box that shows your iPhone will be erased, then your personal data will be deleted and your old password will be removed.

When the erasing process is over, you can regain access to your iPhone without a passcode and reset your iPhone as a brand new phone.

These are the four ways to unlock iPhone without password, you can pick one of them to deal with such a problem. And iPhone Unlocker is the most efficient one that not only helps you solve the problem of getting into iPhone without password, but also provides you with the function of erasing screen time and removing Apple ID, so try to download and use iPhone Unlocker now!

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