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Forgot iPhone 13 Passcode? Here are 5 Useful Ways for You!

You might forget passcode on iPhone 13 and be denied to enter the device again. It may be troublesome, but fortunately, you can easily unlock your forgotten passcode on iPhone 13 by yourself.

Pauline Larson
Updated on Sep 11, 2023

What to do if you forgot your iPhone 13 password? Learn how to reset your iPhone 13 when you forgot your password

For those who use an iPhone 13, it's particularly normal to set a passcode so as to protect the phone from invasion, considering it's in an age when people tend to save most data in their device. However, it gets annoying if you forgot iPhone 13 passcode. Despite the reason why you can't remember iPhone passcode, your phone may be locked with an alert reading "Security Lockout" or "iPhone Unavailable" after your several failed passcode input attempts.

The only solution that Apple offers to unlock your iPhone 13 when you forgot the password is to reset the iPhone. It enables you to regain access to your phone. Nevertheless, what will be erased are not just your forgotten iPhone 13 passcode but also all the original data. You can restore your data and settings if you've made daily backups; but if not, you need to start your iPhone from scratch like it's first taken out of the box.

Below, 5 ways will be introduced to solve the problem when you forgot iPhone 13 password, including one of the most effective and easy-to-use third-party tools, iPhone Unlocker.

Don't Worry If You Forgot iPhone 13 Passcode

Unluckily, if you've forgotten the passcode on your iPhone 13 and entered the wrong ones for too many times, the only way to unlock your forgotten passcode on iPhone 13 is to reset the iPhone. After the erase process, the problem of "forgot iPhone 13 passcode" will be fixed successfully. It may sound extreme to erase your phone, but from a security perspective, your personal data can be well protected from prying eyes.

Besides, there's nothing to worry about if you have a prior backup. You just need 2 steps: restore the data from your recent backup and create a new passcode, then everything is back to normal. In the contrast, this may seem to be a disaster if you haven't backed up beforehand, since you will have to lose all your data and start the iPhone afresh.

Just make it a habit to back up regularly, and data loss will no longer be a headache to you even if you forget iPhone 13 passcode and have to reset your phone again.

5 Ways to Reset the Forgotten Passcode

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Erase iPhone Directly on the Screen

One way you can remove your forgotten iPhone 13 passcode is by using the feature of "Erase iPhone" directly on the phone screen. This may be the most straightforward method for you to troubleshoot the issue, since iPhone 13 runs iOS 15.2 or above.

To erase your iPhone 13 in this way, please be reminded that you need to know about your Apple ID and password in advance. Steps of this method are as below:

1. Repeat to enter the incorrect passcode until the button "Erase iPhone" shows up at the lower right corner of the screen. Tap on it if you've decided to reset the forgotten iPhone 13 passcode to unlock the device.

2. A warning message will pop out to remind you if you want to erase all content and settings. Tap on "Erase iPhone" again.

3. You will be asked to sign out of your Apple ID. After imputing the password, go on with tapping the "Erase iPhone" button.

Later, the Apple logo and a loading bar will appear on the iPhone screen. Just wait for a while before it's finished. When the loading process is done, your iPhone 13 will be unlocked and the forgotten iPhone passcode will be removed, too. Then you are free to set it up from the beginning.

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Apply Unlocking Tool to Reset Forgotten iPhone Passcode

If you happen to be a person who forgot your Apple ID and password, using a third-party tool is a great way to reset the forgotten iPhone passcode.

iPhone Unlocker will probably be the best, as not only does it spare the need of Apple ID and password, but it is free from the Find My feature in your phone as well as prior internet connection. Better still, it is relatively simple with an intuitive interface while it can also reset various types of passcodes including Face ID, Touch ID, Screen Time passcode, etc.

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To unlock a forgotten passcode on iPhone 13 through iPhone Unlocker, follow the steps below:

1. Launch the application on your PC or Mac.

2. Click on "Wipe Passcode".

3. Connect the iPhone with a USB cable, and put it into recovery mode so it can be recognized. You can click on the link of "Device is connected but not recognized" to check the details about entering recovery mode.

4. After getting your phone detected by the application, confirm its information so it can download the corresponding software for the device.

5. Click "Start" and wait for a moment before the download finishes. Notice that the downloading speed depends on how fast and stable the network is.

6. Once it's completed, you'll need to enter "0000" in the blank, and then click on "Unlock" for the final confirmation.

7. The unlocking process will then start immediately, and it may take some time to accomplish. Just remember to keep your phone plugged into the computer during the whole process.

After a few minutes, your iPhone 13 as well as the forgotten iPhone passcode will be erased successfully, and you are able to re-set your iPhone 13 and add a new code to it.

Use "Find My" Feature in iCloud

One of iCloud's built-in features, Find My, makes it quite convenient for you to locate or erase your device just through signing into its website instead of physical access. So even if your iPhone 13 is stolen, or you forgot iPhone 13 passcode for whatever reason, you are still able to erase it remotely as long as you've got another device nearby to visit iCloud.com.

Before using this method, please note that your iPhone has turned on Find My beforehand, and also connected to network by WIFI or cellular data. Only in this case can it be detected on iCloud and get erased successfully.

1. Get a computer to log into Find My iPhone on iCloud.com with the same Apple ID and password that's in the locked-out iPhone 13 you forgot the passcode to.

2. Click "All Devices" at the top, and select the iPhone.

3. Hit "Erase iPhone".

4. Hit "Erase" again for further confirmation.

After a moment, your iPhone will be reset to factory settings and then you can choose to restore your data from backup or set it up all over again.

Utilize iTunes to Fix the "Forgot iPhone Passcode" Issue

Assuming that you have ever synced your iPhone with your computer, and you've got both of them nearby, then iTunes will be an easy way to bypass your forgotten passcode. It's a practical method approved by Apple, and in this way, your data can be well restored from your recent backup in iTunes after the erasing process.

Here're the steps:

1. Plug your iPhone into the computer.

2. Open iTunes in your computer and then wait for a while before your iPhone completes the sync.

3. Click on "Restore iPhone" to erase your phone. Soon your iPhone will start the erasing process.

Note: This method will be limited to use if you have never synced your iPhone with iTunes before. In this case, you may need to fix the problem by another means, which is to put your iPhone into recovery mode. We will talk about it in the followings.

Erase the Forgotten iPhone 13 Passcode via Recovery Mode

While using iTunes for reset requires a previous sync with the iPhone, it might be a viable method to use recovery mode if you haven't synced before. It's so incredible that it can help you out from the awkward scenarios where you cannot reboot the device, or you need to remove your forgotten iPhone passcode for regaining access.

To begin with, you need to turn off your iPhone 13 first, which will be followed by putting the device into recovery mode. Just long-press the side button while connect it to computer, don't let go until you see the recovery mode screen below.

After entering recovery mode, plug your phone into your computer and open iTunes or Finder. A window like this will pop up, then click on "Restore".

Then hit "Restore and Update" to download a software. Wait for the download finishes, and your iPhone may start to restore soon. When the reset completes, you may then restart your iPhone 13 from the very first.

Easy to Unlock the Forgotten Passcode on iPhone 13

As you can see, when you forgot iPhone 13 passcode, there are plenty different ways for you to easily unlock the device. You can choose one of them to fix the problem according to your situation. Hope the information above can help you get rid of the trouble!

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