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How to Reset Forgotten Password on iPhone

If you forgot the password and unable to unlock your iPhone, consider the suggestions below to reset the forgotten password on your iPhone easily!

Pauline Larson
Updated on Nov 15, 2022

When you forgot the password to your iPhone, you can reset it in different ways to regain access.

Do you have a problem forgetting iPhone passwords easily? iPhone passcode can sometimes be a nuisance if you can't recall what it is, as you will be unable to unlock the iPhone without the passcode. Your iPhone will lock itself permanently with an iPhone Unavailable error after receiving too many times of wrong passwords. To troubleshoot the problem, you can only reset the forgotten password on the iPhone.

In order to reset the iPhone password you forgot, you can take advantage of some functions that Apple introduces like Erase iPhone option and Find My iPhone, or a reliable third-party passcode reset tool called iPhone Unlocker.

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Be reminded that to get back into your iPhone locked with a forgotten password, the only way is to reset it and thus remove all the data from your iPhone. If you have made a backup of your data earlier, you have nothing to worry about since you can recover it after the reset.

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When do you need to perform a forgotten password reset on your iPhone

Are you one of those who have trouble remembering things? If so, it is possible to forget your iPhone password easily. Or it might also be the case that you haven't used your iPhone in a while, as a result of which you have forgotten the password. Whatever the reason is, you may find it frustrating and try for a number of times with the wrong passwords. Consequently, your iPhone may get locked for good without giving you any access to get back into it.

When you forgot the password to your iPhone and unable to unlock it after several failed attempts, a reset can be the only solution under this circumstance. With all the data erased after the reset, you can retrieve the data afterwards if you have backed up your iPhone in prior.

Reset iPhone forgotten password via Erase iPhone

Erase iPhone option is one of the most straightforward methods to factory reset your iPhone together with the forgotten password, for the reason that it does not require a computer to proceed the reset. This option will show up on your iPhone screen after continuous multiple attempts of inputting wrong passcodes to the device.

A couple of points should be noticed before using this way to perform the forgotten password reset on your iPhone:

  • Your iPhone has been running iOS 15.2 or later.
  • Network connection has enabled in the device.
  • You know the Apple ID password.

Steps to reset the iPhone forgotten password by use of Erase iPhone option:

1. Keep entering incorrect passcodes to your iPhone until you get the Erase iPhone option in the bottom right corner on the screen. Tap this option.

2. Tap the same option to confirm that you want a reset of your iPhone forgotten password.

3. Enter your Apple ID password in the field to sign out. Tap Erase iPhone and the reset will automatically begin.

When the reset is over, you are able to start your iPhone anew or retrieve the data from backups during the following set-up process.

Reset iPhone forgotten password via iPhone Unlocker

You can also turn to iPhone Unlocker for help to reset your iPhone forgotten password, especially when there's no Erase iPhone option on your iPhone screen due to iOS versions, or you fail to remember the Apple ID password. Suitable for all the iPhone and iPad models, it is a feasible solution to various passcode problems like forgotten lock screen passcode, Screen Time passcode as well as the Apple ID password. Also, its intuitive layout fairly facilitates the reset process.

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Let's take a look at the steps to reset the iPhone when you forgot the password using the software.

Step 1. Launch iPhone Unlocker on your Mac or PC. Select "Wipe Passcode" and hit "Start" next.

Step 2. Plug your locked iPhone into the computer and get it into Recovery Mode by following the steps in "Device connected but not recognized."

Step 3. When your iPhone is activated into Recovery Mode, it will be detected. Then confirm the device information and click "Start." In no time will an appropriate iOS firmware start to download.

Step 4. Once it's done, enter "0000" for the confirmation of the iPhone forgotten password reset. Hit "Unlock" and your iPhone will proceed the reset process.

Tip: The time of downloading the iOS firmware depends on the speed of your computer's Internet.

Reset iPhone forgotten password via Recovery Mode

Recovery Mode is a mode that helps an iPhone to tackle tough problems such as resetting the forgotten password. The latest version of iTunes on a Window PC (Windows 10 or later) or Finder on a Mac (macOS 10.15 or later) is needed when taking this approach.

Note: If you have trouble installing the newest version of iTunes on your computer, you may reset your iPhone when forgot the password by other means instead.

Here we'll take iTunes to show you how to reset the forgotten password on your iPhone by using Recovery Mode. Follow the steps below:

1. Open iTunes, and go to "Help" in the upper left, click "Check for Updates" to see if it's the latest version. If not, update first before perform the iPhone forgotten password reset.

2. Connect your iPhone to the computer with a lightning cable, and reboot it into Recovery Mode according to these instructions:

  • If you have an iPhone 8 or later, quickly press and release the Volume up button and do the same to the Volume down button next. Then long-press the Side button until the Recovery Mode screen presents.
  • If you have an iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, press and hold both the Volume down button along with the Side button, don't release your fingers until you see the Recovery Mode screen.
  • If you have an iPhone 6s and earlier, keep pressing the Home button as well as the Side button simultaneously until the Recovery Mode screen comes in sight.

3. When your iPhone enters Recovery Mode, iTunes will detect the device and pop up a window offering you options of "Update" and "Restore." Select "Restore" in the right so as to reset the iPhone that you forgot the password on.

4. Continue with clicking "Restore and Update." Later, iTunes will download a software for your iPhone. When it's completed, the reset of forgotten iPhone password will begin on the device.

Wait for a moment before it finishes. By then, you are free to start your iPhone anew or recover the data from your previous backup.

Reset iPhone forgotten password by Find My iPhone

While speaking of Find My iPhone in iCloud, it not only enables you to find your lost iPhone remotely, but also reset your iPhone even it's not in your hand.

If you feel like taking this approach to reset the iPhone forgotten password, you'll have to turn on Find My iPhone in the iPhone's Settings. Moreover, your device should have network connection in advance.

Let's see how to reset the forgotten password on your iPhone using Find My iPhone:

  • Take a phone, tablet or computer to sign into iCloud.com in a browser with your Apple account details. After the log-in, select "Find iPhone" in the menu.
  • With a map displayed, hit "All Devices" at the top, and choose the iPhone that needs resetting the forgotten password.
  • Select "Erase iPhone" among the options shown below the iPhone.
  • Hit "Erase" in the prompted warning message, and the reset of your iPhone forgotten password will then be triggered.

Tip: The phone, tablet or computer you use to reset the password on the iPhone can be of any brands or systems, as long as a browser can be opened on the device.

Bonus - How to reset your forgotten Apple ID password

It is a common thing to forget the lock screen password to your iPhone, as well as the Apple ID password. You can reset the forgotten iPhone password in the ways we've outlined above. When you fail to recall the Apple ID password, here's also a solution to this issue, which is to reset it in the settings of your iPhone.

To do this, you need to:

1. Go to Settings and tap your name on the top.

2. Tap "Password & Security."

3. Tap "Change Password."

4. Enter the lock screen passcode to your iPhone.

5. Enter a new Apple ID password and verify by entering it again.

6. Decide whether to sign out your other devices.

The password will be changed then.

Easily reset the iPhone password after forgetting it

Now you know how to reset the forgotten password on your iPhone by different means and it is not a big challenge anymore. However, most of these have certain limitations and drawbacks except iPhone Unlocker, which is by far the most unrestricted method you can use to reset the iPhone forgotten passcode. Just download it and have a try! You will easily get into your iPhone again.

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