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How to Bypass iPhone Passcode without Losing Data

If you have forgotten your iPhone passcode and are thinking of ways to bypass the passcode to unlock your iPhone without losing your data, then this article will give you guidance.

Alice Estelle
Updated on Nov 15, 2022

It is possible to bypass the iPhone passcode without losing data.

Some people will set a complex passcode in order not to be guessed and not to let others get access to all the personal files stored on the iPhone. However, there is also an issue with having a complex passcode. If you have set a complex and difficult-to-guess iPhone passcode, you will most likely forget it and be locked out of iPhone, which is a common problem that people have.

If you encounter this problem, you are probably looking for a way to bypass iPhone passcode without losing data. If you want to bypass the passcode to unlock an iPhone, the only way you can do that is to reset iPhone to its default settings, which will delete all the content stored on your iPhone, including removing your old passcode.

But don't worry, if you've backed up the data on computer or on iCloud, you can achieve the effect of bypassing your iPhone passcode without losing your data.

Note: If your iPhone is locked, you won't be able to back up your iPhone data.

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Fortunately, if all you are after is a way to bypass the passcode, you can choose from many methods available. You can try the iTunes method and the Erase iPhone feature. You can also use efficient third-party tools such as iPhone Unlocker. Here is our take on how to bypass an iPhone without the passcode and without losing data.

Can I bypass an iPhone passcode without losing data?

the only way to bypass an iPhone passcode is by resetting it. With this process, all the data on your iPhone will be erased. Why does this happen? Well, this is a security measure put in by Apple to keep sensitive and personal data safe if someone else gets access to your iPhone.

However, if you have backed up data before your iPhone was locked, there is a way that you can recover it after resetting your iPhone. So, if you want to regain access to your iPhone without losing data by bypassing the passcode, it will only be possible if you have backed up the data before the iPhone was locked, otherwise, the iPhone that is unlocked will lose all your data.

Tip: To back up data on your iPhone, go to the Settings > [Your Apple ID] > iCloud > iCloud Backup. Once you are at the iCloud Backup page, switch it to the ON option.

Bypass iPhone passcode without losing data via iTunes

If you are facing the trouble of being locked out of your iPhone, then using Recovery Mode can help you remove passcode so that you can access your iPhone without a passcode, which is one of Apple's officially recommended methods.

If you have a backup, you can reset your iPhone by putting it into Recovery Mode with the help of iTunes to bypass the passcode and unlock your iPhone without losing important data. To use this method you need to download the latest iTunes, and if you are using a PC, make sure it is running Windows 10 or above.

Step 1. Disconnect your iPhone from computer and turn it off.

Step 2. After that, you have to press and hold the right button to put your iPhone into the Recovery Mode, depending on which model of iPhone you have. While holding the button, immediately connect your iPhone to the computer and don't let go of the button until you see the Recovery Mode screen.

  • Press and hold the Side button for the iPhone SE (2nd & 3rd gen), iPhone 8, and later models.
  • Long-press the Volume down button for the iPhone 7 series.
  • Use the home button for the iPhone SE 1st gen, iPhone 6s, and earlier models.

Step 3. After doing that, open iTunes and locate your iPhone from iTunes, then click on the "Restore" option.

Step 4. Choose "Restore and Update" option to initiate the restore process. Once the process is complete, you can select the option that lets you recover deleted data during the setup process.

When your iPhone restarts with the hello page, it means that the iPhone passcode has been removed. Then you follow the on-screen instructions to start setting up your iPhone like a new phone. And choose to restore a backup from computer or iCloud when you are on the Apps & Data page. When you restore the backup, it is equivalent to keeping your data while bypassing the passcode to unlock iPhone.

Note: One thing you should remember is that not losing data to bypass the iPhone passcode will only work if you have backed up your iPhone data in some way. If you don't do this, you will lose all your data.

Bypass iPhone passcode without losing data via iPhone Unlocker

One of the biggest problems people face when trying to bypass an iPhone passcode using the methods provided by Apple is that they are too complicated. You have to be careful of many things and press unique button combinations for different iPhone models. If you don't want to go through all that, you can try iPhone Unlocker, which can help you bypass iPhone passcode quickly.

There are several advantages of using the iPhone Unlocker tool. First of all, there are no technical requirements to use iPhone Unlocker, it only requires a few mouse clicks. And it has a user-friendly interface that works flawlessly and the process is very fast. The best part is that it works on all models of iPhone with a high success rate.

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1. To start using the iPhone Unlocker to bypass an iPhone passcode, download and install it on your computer. Then open it and select the "Wipe Passcode" option from the main interface.

2. After that, connect your iPhone to the computer. If your iPhone is not recognized, click on the "Device connected but not recognized" link and follow the on-screen instructions to put your iPhone into the Recovery Mode.

3. Confirm your device information and then click on the "Start" to continue.

4. The tool will start downloading the appropriate iOS software for your iPhone, which might take a few minutes.

5. Once the download is complete, type "0000" in the popup warning box that appears on your screen, and then click on the "Unlock" option.

Note: Read the popup warning carefully, as it will tell you that the process will delete all your data.

6. The tool will work its magic and all you need to do is wait for the software to help you unlock your iPhone.

Once this unlocking process is complete, your iPhone will reboot and you will be able to access iPhone bypassing the passcode. Then you can follow the instructions on the screen to set up the iPhone and choose to recover your data from the backup during this process.

If you can successfully recover the lost data from the backup, it is tantamount to bypassing your password from iPhone without losing your data.

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Bypass an iPhone passcode without losing data via Erase iPhone

With the iOS 15.2 update, all supported iOS devices got the new "Erase iPhone" feature that allows users to bypass passcode without connecting to a computer. All you need is a connection to a cellular or Wi-Fi network and your Apple credentials.

To start the process, try entering the wrong passcode a couple of times until you see the "Erase iPhone" option in the lower right corner of the screen. Tap the "Erase iPhone" option.

When you go to the "Erase All Content & Settings" page, tap on the "Erase iPhone" option again.

After that, enter your Apple ID password to sign out of your Apple ID and tap the "Erase iPhone" option, which will start resetting your iPhone and deleting all the data.

Once the reset process is over, your iPhone will restart and initiate the setup process. To bypass a passcode from iPhone without losing data, you need a backup. If you have a backup already, you can restore your data during the setup process.

Bypass Passcode on iPhone without losing data via Find My

Another method you can use to bypass the passcode of your iPhone is by using the Find My feature. But this feature is only available if Find My is enabled and your iPhone has a stable Internet connection.

1. To do that, start by opening the iCloud.com website on a computer and then logging in to the Apple account linked with your iPhone.

2. You will see all the iCloud applications on the home page. Select the "Find iPhone" option

3. Then click the "All Devices" option on the top section of the page and select your locked iPhone.

4. Select the "Ease iPhone" option from the small window that pops up with three options.

5. Then select "Erase" to erase all your data and settings, including your passwords.


Forgetting a passcode can be really frustrating. However, it can be even more frustrating if someone guesses your passcode and peeks at your personal information. To avoid this, you have to choose a complex passcode and perhaps risk forgetting it.

Fortunately, there are ways to bypass the passcode. If you have a backup, you can also bypass passcode without losing data on an iPhone. We've tested all the methods explained here to see how well they work. Check them out and see which method works best for your situation.

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