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How to Bypass iPhone Passcode - Here are 3 Proven Tricks

Forgetting passcode on your iPhone and you're confronted with the problem of unlocking? Not to worry, here are 3 comprehensive tutorials on how to bypass iPhone password and get back into your iPhone.

Alice Estelle
Updated on Nov 15, 2022

How to bypass iPhone passcode and regain management on your device? We'll come up with several proven ways in the post.

As we become increasingly dependent on iPhone, it might be a nightmare if you can't remember the screen passcode with great suddenness, ending up disabling your iPhone after multiple attempts to enter the wrong passcode. At this time, you'll want to bypass iPhone passcode for getting access to your device again. So how to bypass password on iPhone?

Fret not as we have sorted out some practicable methods for you to unlock your inaccessible iPhone. On the basis of iPhone has been locked up for the reason you don't know the password, you may be left with no other option but to erase and reset your iPhone, it goes without saying that the screen passcode will be bypassed at that time.

Apple used to offer several methods to help you bypass iPhone password, including iTunes and iCloud Find My, but there is an available alternative way by using iPhone Unlocker. As a professional iOS devices unlocker, iPhone Unlocker can give you a hand to wipe the passcode in a few simple clicks.

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How to Bypass iPhone Lock Screen via iTunes / Finder

When it comes to bypassing iPhone passcode, most people might immediately think of using iTunes as an effective way, which allows you to factory reset your iPhone and regain access. While that's a perfectly acceptable way to unlock your iPhone as well as bypass iPhone password, the caveat is that this method will take a lot of time and the success rate cannot be guaranteed.

As a matter of fact, if you want to know how to get past iPhone lock screen with iTunes or Finder, the solution will be divided into two subsections based on the state of your iPhone. iTunes is available at no cost on the Apple official website if you don't have one on your computer.

If your locked iPhone has been synchronized with iTunes or Finder before it's locked out of you, you can directly use iTunes or Finder to help you bypass iPhone lock screen and unlock your iPhone; if you've never backed up your iPhone in iTunes or Finder and you still persist in using them to do the iPhone password bypass, you can refer to the second step below- how to bypass password on iPhone with recovery mode. 

Steps for directly using iTunes or Finder to bypass iPhone passcode:

1. If you are running a PC with Windows 10 and later, run iTunes; if you are running a Mac with macOS Catalina 10.5 and later, run Finder.

2. Afterwards, connect your iPhone to the computer. Since you've connected your phone to the machine, you will see a little phone icon showing up on the top left corner of the program, simply click on it.

3. Next, your iPhone will be displayed on the program. Hit on the Restore iPhone button to reset your iPhone and bypass iPhone passcode.

How to bypass password on iPhone with recovery mode:

Although your locked iPhone hasn't backed up in iTunes or Finder, you can still bypass iPhone passcode by booting your iPhone into recovery mode. The button combination you use to activate recovery mode will be slightly different depending on the iPhone models you embrace. But don't be afraid, we will show you all tutorials about how to enter recovery mode for any model iPhone you may have right now.

1. Prepare an Apple USB cable then follow the below steps to put your iPhone into recovery mode.

Suppose you have an iPhone 8 or later, connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac, quickly press and release the "Volume Up" button and "Volume Down" button in sequence, then press and hold the Side button with your finger until you see the picture above.

Suppose you have an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, connect it to the computer, keep pressing the "Volume down" and "Power" buttons simultaneously, you will see the Apple logo at first, don't let go of the buttons until the recovery mode screen comes out.

Suppose you have an iPhone 6S or earlier, connect your device to the computer, keep holding the "Home" button and "Side"(or "Top") button at the same time, the phone will turn off automatically, continue holding the buttons before it turns to recovery mode.

2. Once your iPhone gets into recovery mode, open iTunes or Finder on the computer. With your iPhone in its recovery mode, a pop-up window will appear asking if you want to update or restore your iPhone, click "Restore" button so as to bypass passcode on iPhone.

3. After that, click "Restore and Update" on the next pop-up box to re-confirm your restore iPhone option. iTunes will download and install the newest iOS software on your iPhone, your device will be returned to the factory condition at that time and the screen password will also be bypassed.

How to Bypass iPhone Passcode without iTunes via a Third-party Tool

Speaking of unlocking iPhone, most guides on the Internet recommend you reset your iPhone with iTunes, but this method is time-consuming and a little challenging to carry out since it has been proved by those who want to bypass lock on iPhone. If you are searching for a solution about "Is there any way to bypass an iPhone passcode in a quick way instead of using iTunes," iPhone Unlocker is a good alternative for you.

iPhone Unlocker is one of the most popular apps for bypassing iPhone passcode and makes it easy to restore your iPhone in a few clicks, no matter which situation you happen to be at a time. Just follow the below steps to get past iPhone lock screen.

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1. To begin with, launch iPhone Unlocker on your computer. On the interface, here are three available options for you, click on "Wipe Passcode" then click the "Start" button when it skips to the next page.

2. Plug your iPhone into the computer with an original USB cable, then click the "Device connected but not recognized?" on the screen to place your device into recovery mode.

3. With the device in recovery mode, check the iPhone information from the Category and Type lists then followed by the "Start" button to get the appropriate iOS firmware package.

4. If you have a stable network, this firmware package may not take much time to download and you have to wait until it is fully completed.

5. Once the progress bar reaches the end, it will automatically jump to the next page. This page tells you that if you want to bypass iPhone passcode, the risk is that all your data will be removed as well. Once confirmed, click "Unlock" button to activate the unlocking procedure.

6. Next, what you need to do is wait for iPhone Unlocker to finish the unlocking task. Leave your iPhone attached to the machine, don't disconnect it from the computer until it reboots.

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How to Bypass iPhone Password with iCloud Find My

While iCloud is best known as a platform for data backup and locating your iPhone, it also offers one way that enables you to remotely restore your iPhone and bypass iPhone password without a computer by using the Find My iPhone feature in it. You are allowed to perform the action on another device if you have one, there's no requirement that iOS devices are needed.

It is important to note that for this to work: Before your iPhone becomes inaccessible, make sure it has been activated Find My iPhone feature and connected to Wi-Fi or Cellular data.

1. Open iCloud.com in any browser and log into your Apple ID according to your locked iPhone account. On the homepage, click Find iPhone icon then follow the subsequent prompts to bypass iPhone lock.

2. Click All Devices on the top bar and select the device you need to bypass a passcode. If you can't see your locked iPhone, the most probable cause is that the Find My iPhone feature hasn't been turned on in your device. You can try the above two methods to bypass locked iPhone.

3. Once selected, the corresponding iPhone will be displayed on the top left corner, click Erase iPhone to wipe the device and its passcode.

4. Next, if you confirm to erase your iPhone, click Erase option when the below message box comes out on the screen. What follows is your iPhone will be remotely erased and this process won't take too much time.


Regardless of the reasons why you need to bypass iPhone screen lock, resetting iPhone is all that you can do. The above several methods can help you regain access to your phone, but the risk is that your iPhone's contents will be deleted permanently unless you have had backups. In order to figure out the problem faster, we recommend you use iPhone Unlocker to bypass iPhone passcode with increased efficiency.

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