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How to Unlock iPhone 13 Without Passcode

Stuck with a locked-out iPhone 13 that you forgot the passcode on? This guide will tell you in details about how to unlock an iPhone 13 without using the passcode or Face ID.

Mark Anderson
Updated on Aug 4, 2023

Follow this guide and you'll find it easy to unlock iPhone 13 without using passcode or Face ID.

Protecting your personal data on your iPhone is crucial, and the best way to do it is by setting up a lock screen passcode or using Face ID. However, if you forget the passcode for your locked iPhone 13 and the Face ID isn't working, you'll be locked out of your own device. Worse yet, repeatedly entering the wrong passcode could permanently disable access.

But don't worry, there are still ways for Apple users to unlock their iPhone 13 without passcode or Face ID. You can use Apple-supported options like iCloud or iTunes, or try using a third-party tool to regain the access. Regardless of the method you choose, be aware that it will factory reset the locked iPhone by erasing all data and settings to remove the forgotten passcode.

For those who can't recall their iPhone password, we'll present various proven methods and show you how to unlock iPhone 13 without passcode in detail. Keep reading to find the most convenient solution to unlock iPhone 13 without passcode.

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How to unlock iPhone 13 without passcode using iPhone Unlocker

Perfect for: Wide-compatibility with all iPhone and iPad models as well as all iOS versions. Able to unlock iPhone / iPad without passcode or Face ID and remove different kinds of screen locks with simple clicks.

The first and easiest way to unlock iPhone 13 without passcode or Face ID is to use an efficient and safe iOS unlocking program like iPhone Unlocker. This tool can easily unlock an iPhone 13, iPhone 13 series and any other iDevice without needing the passcode. Whether your iPhone is disabled or unavailable due to a forgotten passcode or multiple accidental screen touch, it offers an easy-to-follow process to get into your locked iPhone 13 without passcode.

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Not limited to removing the 4-digit or 6-digit iPhone passcode, it offers additional benefit of removing the Touch ID, Apple ID and Screen Time Lock from iPhone, iPad or newer iPod touch. Here's what you need to unlock iPhone 13 without passcode:

  • A computer or laptop with iPhone Unlocker installed.
  • A useful Lightning data cable.

How to unlock iPhone 13 without passcode or Face ID:

Step 1. When you open iPhone Unlocker on your PC or Mac, select Wide Passcode to start.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone with computer and wait for it to be recognized. If your device info doesn't show up, click Device connected but not recognized and follow the onscreen prompts to enter iPhone Recovery Mode.

Step 3. Confirm your iPhone type and click on Start.

Step 4. A firmware package for iOS unlocking will be downloaded to your iPhone.

Step 5. After that, enter 0000 on the pop-up box to unlock your iPhone 13 without passcode. The process starts immediately as soon as you click on the Unlock button.

That's how you can get into your iPhone 13 without passcode. Once done, your iPhone will restart with the locked screen removed. Take your time to set it up from the very beginning. A recent iPhone backup will help to restore your data and settings.

Easy video tutorial to unlock iPhone 13 without passcode step by step:

How to unlock iPhone 13 without passcode or Face ID via Erase iPhone

Perfect for: Wirelessly unlock iPhone without passcode or computer if you know your Apple ID password.

With the update of iOS 15.2 and newer iOS versions, Apple provides a wireless option to unlock iPhone 13 without passcode - the Erase iPhone option. This feature will only be activated when your iPhone turns disabled or unavailable after multiple incorrect attempts. By this means, your iPhone 13 can be unlocked without passcode successfully if:

  • The locked iPhone 13 should be running iOS 15.2 or later.
  • The device is connected to a stable Wi-Fi or cellular network, and have enough power.
  • You remember the same Apple ID and password used on the locked iPhone.

When everything is ready, here's how to unlock iPhone 13 without passcode or Face ID or computer. Note that iCloud will reset iPhone 13 without passcode by erasing all iPhone content and settings.

Step 1: On your iPhone, type wrong passcode for a couple of times until you see iPhone Unavailable lock screen. For some iOS devices, it shows Security Lockout instead.

Step 2: Keep entering before the Erase iPhone option shows up at the bottom.

Step 3: Tap Erase iPhone and press it again to confirm.

All the content and settings will get erased after the reset.

Step 4: Sign out of your Apple ID by entering the password as required. This will erase all content & settings to get your iPhone 13 unlocked.

The locked iPhone 13 will automatically reset itself and wipe out everything to get rid of the passcode. When the erasing process is done, set up your iPhone 13 as a new device. If possible, restore your iPhone data from a backup stored in your iCloud, iTunes or computer.

How to unlock iPhone 13 without passcode or Face ID using iTunes

Perfect for: Cable-based solution to remove lock screen passcode on iDevice by a full factory reset.

Anytime you have access to a Windows PC or Mac computer, you can use the Apple-supported iTunes for a simple lock screen removal on iPhone 13 by resetting the device into the factory default settings. Whether the locked iPhone is disabled or unavailable, iTunes can unlock iPhone 13 without passcode when it's in Recovery Mode. Here's what to do before unlocking iPhone 13:

  • Install latest version of iTunes on your computer with Windows or macOS 10.14 and earlier.
  • For macOS 10.15 and later, make use of Finder.
  • Prepare a USB cable to create connection between iPhone and computer.

Get to know the operations to put your iPhone into Recovery Mode, and then unlock your iPhone without passcode or Face ID using iTunes:

1. Access iTunes on your computer or laptop.

2. Attach the locked iPhone 13 using a USB cable.

3. Power off you iPhone and force it to enter the Recovery Mode.

4. When iTunes detects your iPhone, a Restore or Update dialog box will pop up.

5. Choose Restore option and wait for the process to complete. It will need your iCloud password if Find My is enabled on your iPhone 13 before it's locked.

Note: The restoring process in iTunes will erase all your existing iPhone data to get rid of the lock screen passcode. After that, the iPhone 13 will be unlocked and back to the original status, allowing you to set up again and retrieve everything from an iTunes or iCloud backup.

How to unlock iPhone 13 without passcode or computer by iCloud

Perfect for: Remotely unlock an iPhone without passcode through the Internet.

If you've enabled Find My feature on your locked iPhone before you can't recall your passcode, here's an alternative way to get into your iPhone 13 without passcode. Find My is a built-in iCloud feature that allows you to keep a track of all your Apple devices and perform a remote erase on any of them remotely. What's needed to begin:

  • Find My is enabled on the locked iPhone 13.
  • The device should connect to an Internet connection.
  • It requires your Apple ID and password to use the Find My feature.

How to unlock iPhone without passcode or Face ID or computer with iCloud Find My:

1. Move to another phone or tablet and open iCloud.com in a browser.

2. Sign in with the same Apple ID and password that is used on your iOS device.

3. Click on Find iPhone icon in the iCloud home page.

4. Choose All Devices at the top and select the locked iPhone 13 from the expanded list.

5. On the next pop-up box, click on Erase iPhone and confirm it to begin the unlocking process.

Keep the iPhone charged and wait a few minutes. As soon as your iPhone 13 restarts, you're able to set it up again and use it as a new device.

FAQs for unlocking iPhone 13 without passcode

Don't need to panic if your iPhone 13 is locked with a forgotten passcode and the Face ID is not working. All the methods we talked about above can surely unlock an iPhone 13 without passcode. They also work well if you have other iDevices locked out and don't what to do. For more questions, we've extra tips below to help you out:

Q1: Can I unlock my iPhone without passcode or computer?

There is no need to use a computer to unlock your iPhone when the passcode is forgotten. With the access to Find My in iCloud, you're allowed to apply a wireless reset on your locked iPhone remotely. Additionally, for iOS 15.2 and above, users will find an Erase iPhone button on the unavailable lock screen, which can be used to unlock iPhone wirelessly without using passcode or computer.

Q2: Is it possible to bypass the lock screen on an iPhone?

Multiple solutions are available to bypass the lock screen and get into iPhone successfully:

  • iTunes or Finder
  • iPhone Unlocker by Higo Spot
  • iCloud Find My
  • Recovery Mode
  • Erase iPhone function
  • ...

All these methods will reset the locked iPhone and erase all content and settings to remove the iPhone lock screen. Be sure you have a useful backup to restore your iPhone data afterward.

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