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How to Unlock iPhone 13 without Passcode

Stuck with a locked-out iPhone 13 that you forgot the passcode on? This guide will tell you in details about how to unlock an iPhone 13 without the passcode or Face ID.

Pauline Larson
Updated on Nov 15, 2022

Follow this guide and you'll find it easy to unlock an iPhone 13 without Face ID or passcode

People who own an iPhone 13 will usually protect the information on the device by setting up a lock screen passcode as a strong layer of security for sensitive data. However, forgetting the iPhone passcode may occur sometimes, and you may end up with an iPhone Unavailable screen due to multiple times of wrong passcode entry attempts. In that regard, you'll have to unlock your iPhone 13 without the passcode by restoring it to factory settings.

Resetting is the only choice for you to unlock the iPhone without knowing the passcode. Note that you will be at the risk of losing your data if you didn't back it up before, as the passcode along with all the data will get erased after the reset. So hopefully you have a backup previously.

Several ways are offered here to assist you in unlocking your iPhone 13 without the passcode or Face ID, which include Erase iPhone, Find My and an effective third-party passcode erasure tool iPhone Unlocker. You can choose a method that seems the best to you.

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Why Do You Need to Unlock Your iPhone 13 without the Passcode or Face ID?

To unlock an iPhone 13 is a piece of cake when you know the passcode; but what if you recently set a rather complex passcode and forgot what it is afterwards? Or if one of your senior family members can't recall the passcode and is in dire need of your help to unlock the iPhone? Then you'll need to unlock it without a passcode or Face ID via a reset.

After receiving too many incorrect passcode inputs, your iPhone 13 will activate the "iPhone Unavailable'' lock screen as a security measure to block access for a specific time in case of brute-forcing the passcode. If you have no idea about what the passcode is all along, the only thing you can do to unlock your iPhone 13 without a passcode is reset it.

It's not difficult to unlock your iPhone 13 without the password of Face ID by resetting it. Just read on to see more details of different easy and effective methods.

How to Unlock an iPhone 13 without Passcode by Erase iPhone Option

With the update of iOS 15.2, Apple allows its users to get their iPhones reset wirelessly by a feature called Erase iPhone. By this means, you can easily unlock your iPhone 13 without passcode in a few simple taps, no need of a computer.

Follow the steps to get your iPhone 13 unlocked without a passcode by using Erase iPhone:

Step 1: Type the wrong passcode for a couple of times in your iPhone, and you will see it pull up the "iPhone Unavailable" screen with Erase iPhone option magically displayed at the lower right. Tap on it.

Erase iPhone button shows at the bottom of the iPhone Unavailable screen.

Step 2: Next, tap the same option again to confirm about the reset.

All the content and settings will get erased after the reset.

Step 3: Sign out of your Apple ID by entering the password as required, and tap Erase iPhone option to start the erasure process.

Enter the Apple ID password to erase the iPhone.

Your iPhone 13 will then automatically erase itself and get unlocked without a passcode eventually. Once the reset is done, you may choose to start over or retrieve your data from a backup.

Note: To take this approach, your iPhone 13 need to have stable network through WIFI or cellular data before the reset, and you should know the Apple ID password you used to set up the device. If you cannot enable network on your iPhone and forget your Apple credentials, go to the next parts to find more methods on unlocking your iPhone 13 without the code.

How to Unlock an iPhone 13 without Passcode by iPhone Unlocker (Highly Efficient)

iPhone Unlocker is an efficient unlocking tool dedicated to removing various types of passcodes, including lock screen passcode, screen time passcode as well as Apple ID and password. And thanks to its intuitive layout, a rookie could use it quite easily.

Free Download Free Download

Here're steps to use this application for unlocking an iPhone 13 without passcode or iTunes.

Step 1: Launch iPhone Unlocker on your computer

Double click the app to open it on your Mac or PC. Select "Wipe Passcode" and hit "Start" in the following page.

Plug your iPhone into the computer and put it into Recovery Mode to get it detected by the app. If it's still not recognized, you can go to "Device is connected but not recognized" for more details of rebooting it in Recovery Mode.

Step 2: Confirm the information of your iPhone 13

Once your iPhone is read, you will be then asked to confirm the device information, and then hit "Start" to download a corresponding iOS software to your iPhone.

Wait for a while before the download is finished.

Step 3: Input "0000" to start the reset

When it's completed, enter "0000" in the next pop-up window and click "Unlock" to begin the unlocking iPhone 13 process without using the passcode.

Your iPhone 13 will get unlocked and return to its out-of-box state once the process is over. You can then start your iPhone from scratch or restore the lost data from your backup when you're re-setting the device.

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How to Unlock iPhone 13 without Passcode by Find My

Using Find My can also unlock your iPhone 13 without passcode. It's a built-in iCloud feature that allows you to trace where your iOS devices are exactly and erase them remotely.

You can do it simply just with another phone, tablet or computer, despite its running iOS or Android system. However, if you choose this method to unlock your iPhone without the passcode, requirements below should be fulfilled first:

  • The Find My function has been turned on in your iPhone 13.
  • Your iPhone 13 has been connected to Internet.
  • You've got your Apple ID and password for logging in.

Tip: If you fail to meet one of the conditions above, turn to iPhone Unlocker for help, as it can spare you the trouble of enabling your iPhone with Find My or network.

Let's see how to unlock your iPhone 13 by means of Find My without using Face ID or passcode.

1. Get another phone, tablet or computer, and open iCloud.com in a browser. Sign in with the same Apple ID and password which is input in the iPhone 13 that needs unlocking without a code. Then Click on the last icon "Find iPhone".

2. You will be present with a map locating all the iOS devices connected to your Apple ID. Hit "All Devices" at the top, and choose the locked iPhone 13 from the list.

3. Click on the "Erase iPhone" option to get your iPhone 13 reset and unlocked without passcode.

4. Hit "Erase" in the following message, and your iPhone will start the unlocking process.

As long as your iPhone keep connected to stable network, it will finish the reset soon and be unlocked successfully.

Easily Unlock Your iPhone 13 without the passcode by Yourself

If you need to unlock an iPhone 13 without a passcode for some reasons, you don't have to panic because there are several ways to handle it, which have been discussed above. Among all the methods, iPhone Unlocker may surpass the others since it needs the least condition to reset the phone. Anyway, just pick the one that suits you the most to solve the problem depending on your own circumstance.

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