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How to Spoof GPS on Pokémon Go

If you can't get more Pokémon game play because of regional restrictions, then whether you are an Android user or an iOS user, this article will show you how to spoof GPS location in Pokémon Go.

Alice Estelle
Updated on Apr 21, 2023

You can use a VPN or a location changing tool to spoof the GPS location in Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Go is one of the first video games to popularize augmented reality or AR video games. However, there is a slight issue with the game. Pokémon Go is a location-based game. In other words, how good of an experience you can have while playing Pokémon Go will depend on your physical location.

With that said, there is a workaround for this issue. Using GPS spoofing, you can ignore all geographic restrictions and get a better game experience. You can spoof GPS on Pokémon Go and start playing Pokémon Go as if you were in a region with a ton of Pokémons to catch or one with a rare Pokémon.

You can use several applications or Pokémon Go GPS spoofer tools to bypass geographical restrictions. You can use VPNs like Surfshark or other applications like Location Changer. If you want to learn more about spoofing GPS on Pokémon Go, you are at the right place. Here is our complete guide on how to spoof GPS location on Pokémon Go.

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What are the benefits of Spoofing GPS on Pokémon Go

Imagine that you currently live in the United States or Canada. You want to catch a Zangoose, Tropius, or Red Flabébé. The problem is that all of these Pokémons are only available in European countries. To catch these Pokémons, you must physically be in a European country like Spain.

Now imagine that you can catch Zangoose or Tropius without ever entering Europe. It is one of the main benefits of spoofing your GPS on Pokémon Go. When you spoof Pokémon Go's GPS on phone, you trick the game into thinking that you are actually in another country where a rare Pokémon is available.

Another benefit of using a Pokémon Go GPS spoofer tool is that you can save time and get more Pokémon. Certain areas don't have a high density of Pokémons. With a spoofing technique, you can get the same benefits of a high Pokémon density area while not being in one. Just think of the time and money you could save if you don't have to travel a long distance from where you currently live every time you want to catch a Pokémon.

How to spoof your GPS in Pokémon Go using third-party tools?

If you want to get your GPS spoofed on Pokémon Go to break the geographical limitations and get more game play and rewards, then a tool that helps you to fool various GPS-based apps or games by changing the location to hide your real address can be achieved!

Popular Pokémon Go spoofers on iOS devices

Spoofing GPS on Pokémon Go on iOS devices with the help of third-party tools requires the use of a computer. It is because Apple doesn't have built-in virtual location services for security reasons.

Note: Although you can find spoofer apps that you can download directly on your iPhone or iPad, they require jailbreaking your device. We don't recommend jailbreaking because it may cause you to void the warranty of your device.

Option 1: Location Changer

If you want to play Pokémon Go on your iOS device by spoofing the GPS location, then Location Changer is the best one for you. It is a software that specializes in changing the GPS location. It can completely change the location of your device, tricking all the apps installed on it into thinking that you are actually somewhere else.

Location Changer can fix all the location tracking systems on your iPhone and you don't have to worry about the game being able to detect that you are trying to spoof. Apart from that, it also allows setting custom speed to simulate the GPS movement along the intended route.

Free Download Free Download

1. Download and run Location Changer on your computer

2. Use a USB cable to plug your iPhone/iPad into the computer, and click on the "Start" button.

3. Once that's done, select the "Modify Location" tab.

4.Enter the name of the address or place you want to teleport to in the search field on the left and select a location from the search results, then click on the "Confirm Modify" button.

5. You can also choose any place on the map and click on the "Confirm Modify" button to start changing your GPS location.

Tip: Even if you disconnect your iOS device from the computer, your iPhone/iPad/iPod will continue to use the virtual location to trick Pokémon Go games or other apps that need to provide location on your device. And the true location can be restored when you reboot the device.

Option 2: iTools Virtual Location by ThinkSky

iTools is an all-in-one management solution for iOS devices, which has many useful features to help you solve different problems related to iPhone/iPad/iPod. Among them, iTools Virtual Location can be used to spoof GPS location in Pokémon Go.

1. To start using the iTools Virtual Location tool, download it on your computer and connect your iOS device to the computer using a USB cable.

2. Click "Toolbox" and then click on the "Virtual Location" icon.

3.Enter the address you want to go in the blank frame and click "Go" to start spoofing your GPS location. You can also click on a random location on the displayed map and then select the "Move here" button.

Popular Pokémon GO spoofers on Android devices

Spoofing GPS in Pokémon Go game on Android devices is much easier than on an iOS device. Using this technique on Android devices, you can download a spoofing app directly on your mobile device without requiring a computer.

Option 1: Dr.Fone Virtual Location (Use a computer)

One of the most popular location-changing tools for Android devices is the Dr.Fone Virtual Location. Dr.Fone Virtual Location tool includes the ability to simulate GPS movement along predetermined routes, a joystick function that allows the user to control the movement of their in-game character, and is compatible with the latest Android versions.

1. To start using Dr.Fone Virtual Location, grab a computer with either Windows or macOS and download the tool.

2. Connect your Android device to the computer and run Dr.Fone Virtual Location.

3. After that, choose "Virtual Location" option and click "Get Started" button.

4. Enter the place you want to teleport to in the field at the top left and click the "Go" icon. Then, select an address from the displayed results and click "Move Here."

Option 2: Fake GPS Location app (Mobile app)

The "Fake GPS Location" app is one of the most popular options for Android users to spoof GPS on Pokémon Go. You can use the app directly on your phone to spoof GPS location by changing the longitude and latitude.

1. Head to the Google Play Store and download the Fake GPS app.

2. Go to Settings > About phone > Software information.

3. Find the "Build number" option and tap it seven times until you turn on the Developer mode. The screen will give you a countdown of the number of taps, and finally the screen will show "Developer mode has been turned on."

4. Go back to Settings > Developer options, you will find it is in the "On" state.

5. Tap "Select mock location app"/"Allow Mock Locations," and select "Fake GPS" here.

6. Launch Fake GPS Location app and choose the location you want to cheat and move there. Then your GPS is spoofed and you can open Pokémon Go to unlock new ways to play.

What VPN can be used to spoof GPS location on Pokémon Go?

A VPN or a Virtual Private Network is a service that allows you to reroute all of your incoming internet traffic to some other location that you choose. VPN providers have separate servers at different locations around the world that you can connect to.

Using a VPN allows you to mask your IP address and connect to the internet with a different IP address. This new IP address is from the location of the VPN server. Since a VPN basically changes your virtual location for everything you do on the internet, you can use it to spoof your location for Pokémon Go.

Option 1: ExpressVPN

One of the most popular VPNs that you can get is ExpressVPN. It has been providing a high-quality VPN service. There are several pros to using ExpressVPN. Firstly, it has a network lock feature, which completely blocks all data traffic coming to and going from your device as soon as the device loses connection to the VPN.

Network Lock is a helpful feature if you use a separate application to spoof your location along with the VPN. If your device loses connection to the VPN, and the game finds out that your IP address does not match the spoofed GPS location, you may get banned from Pokémon Go.

Other pros of using ExpressVPN include completely private internet usage with the "No Logging" feature, the ability to exclude certain devices from the VPN with the "Split Tunneling" feature, and minimal bandwidth degradation.

However, there is one issue with ExpressVPN, which is its price. The cost of getting a VPN service from ExpressVPN is on the expensive side.

Option 2: NordVPN

Another popular VPN option is NordVPN, which you can use to get your location spoofed on Pokémon Go. Nord VPN was established in 2012, which makes it one of the more recent VPNs to enter the market. However, NordVPN has been providing a reliable service for its users.

One of the most attractive benefits of using NordVPN is that it has over 5,000 servers in over 50 different countries. It means that people who want to use it for spoofing location on Pokémon Go have a wide variety of locations to choose from. Another benefit of using NordVPN is that it offers relatively decent pricing.

With that said, there are several downsides to using NordVPN as well. For instance, NordVPN is very slow in certain countries. Along with that, the process of using NordVPN is not user-friendly, and some people might not like it.

Option 3: Surfshark VPN

The last VPN in our list is Surfshak, which launched just about three to four years ago in 2018. However, Surfshark has been grabbing a ton of market share at a rapid pace because of all the appealing features it provides.

One of the main reasons why Surfshark is such an appealing option is that one account of Surfshark can be used by unlimited users. If you have friends that also want to spoof location on Pokémon Go, you can divide the subscription fee amongst them. In other words, you can bring down the price to as low as just 50 cents a month if you divide it amongst just five users.

Some other benefits of using Surfshark as a Pokémon Go GPS spoofer tool include a wide variety of location options, minimal bandwidth degradation, and a user-friendly interface. However, there is a downside to Surfshak. The customer service provided to Surfshark users is a bit subpar.

Note: Surfshark has one other benefit that makes it a great option as a Pokémon Go GPS spoofer. When you try to spoof Pokémon Go using a VPN, you need a GPS spoofer along with it. However, if you use Surfshark on an Android device, you can spoof both the IP address and the GPS location without a separate GPS spoofing tool.

How to spoof GPS in Pokémon Go using VPN on Android devices?

To successfully spoof GPS on Pokémon Go, you need two things. The first one is a VPN, and the second is a GPS location changer. Why is that the case, you may ask. The thing is, Pokémon Go uses two things to determine your physical location.

The first one is your IP address or your internet footprint. The second one is your GPS location which determines the location of your mobile device. As we have already mentioned, if those two locations don't align with each other, Pokémon Go may ban your account.

  • Choose your preferred VPN to download and install.
  • Download a GPS spoofing app from Google Play.
  • Go to Settings > About phone > Software information.
  • Find the "Build number" option and tap it seven times until you turn on the Developer mode. The screen will give you a countdown of the number of taps, and finally the screen will show "Developer mode has been turned on."
  • Go back to Settings > Developer options, you will find it is in the "On" state.
  • Tap "Select mock location app"/"Allow Mock Locations," and root your Android device here.
  • Download a module called Mock Mock Locations and open it.
  • Open the VPN and create an account to log in. Then connect to any of its supported servers.
  • Run the GPS spoofing app and locate it to the address you have chosen in the VPN.
  • Launch Pokémon Go and start playing!

Tip: If you decide to use the Surfshark VPN, you don't need to download a GPS location changer because Surfshark has a built-in GPS location changer.

How to spoof location in Pokémon Go using VPN on iOS devices?

1. Choose a VPN you like and download it from the app store, then create an account to log in.

2. Choose one of the servers provided by the VPN and connect to it.

Tip: It is best to choose a big city or an area where you can harvest more Pokémon to connect, as this will improve your gaming experience.

3. Jailbreak your iOS device and download a GPS spoofer app, or use a computer software to change the GPS location without jailbreaking.

Note: Because most VPNs can only change the IP address, you also need a tool that can change the GPS location so that your iOS device's IP address and GPS address can be unified.

4. Run the VPN and GPS spoofing tool, open your Pokémon Go and start a new journey!

Can I Change Pokémon Go Location with a Free VPN?

The problem with the VPN options mentioned above is that you need to make payments to use their services. You might be wondering if you can try out some free VPN options. While free VPNs technically can work, there are a ton of issues and potential dangers of using a free VPN.

The danger of using a free VPN is that your data and information will be accessed. Free VPNs are less secure, not only do they collect and sell user data to third parties, they also use a lot of trackers and bombard you with ads.

Moreover, when using free VPNs, users usually don't have a lot of location options. Free VPNs generally don't provide great a service and may randomly shut down without you knowing. If this happens while playing Pokémon Go, the IP address won't match your GPS location and you game account may be banned.


Can I play Pokémon Go without moving?
Yes, you can. To do that, you need to use tools or applications that have a feature that simulates the movement of a GPS. You can predetermine the route you want your in-game character to move, or you can control the in-game character using a joystick feature.
Will I get banned for spoofing Pokémon Go?
If you do not follow the steps carefully, you may be banned. The game will check your IP address and your GPS location. If they don't match, the game will know that you are spoofing, which can get you banned. Therefore, if you want to spoof your location on Pokémon Go, you should know that you are at risk of getting banned. But to minimize this risk, you can use professional location changing tools like Location Changer, VPN, etc.
Why can't I spoof GPS on Pokémon Go even after using VPN?
Pokémon Go checks your IP address plus the GPS location of your mobile device. VPN only changes the IP address. If you don't change the GPS location, you might get caught and banned. For this reason, using a VPN is not enough. You also need to use a GPS location changer like Location Changer.
What should you note before changing location in Pokémon Go?
Spoofing location in Pokémon Go is against the rules and can result in a ban if you are caught. That's why it's important to take all the necessary measures - VPNs, GPS spoofing apps and simulated location modules - in order to make them work to protect your true identity to help you cheat GPS location in the game.
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