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How to Fake My GPS with a Joystick in Pokémon Go

You might want to fake GPS with a joystick for Pokémon Go for many reasons. This article will show you how to fake your GPS on the game, you can find your solution whether you are using an iPhone or Android.

Sandy Archila
Updated on Apr 21, 2023

Faking your GPS with joystick for Pokémon Go is necessary if you don't feel like going out.

Pokémon Go is one of the most popular location-based games. With its superior AR technology, you can take an adventure in the real world and try catching as many Pokémon as possible according to your location. The only downside of this game is that it's closely connected to your location, so what can you do to get more Pokémon without going somewhere else?

People don't always feel like going out of the house when they want to enjoy playing Pokémon; many would refer to staying at home sometimes. But Pokémon GO doesn't allow this in the game. However, there's always a solution and you can fake your GPS with a joystick for Pokémon Go, which is a straightforward method for you to get around this issue.

You can fake your GPS with the joystick for Pokémon Go whether it's an iPhone or Android phone, which saves you tons of time and you can search for more valuable Pokémon. If you are iPhone users, you can use Location Changer to spoof the location, and for Android users, a location change app will be a good choice.

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The advantages of faking GPS with a joystick for Pokémon Go

Ignore the location restrictions:

If you take your Pokémon Go seriously, you would want to catch every Pokémon you can reach around you, even the Pokémon that are not available in your region now. When a legendary Pokémon appears in a park on the other side of the country, will you drive all the way to catch it? No, that's just not feasible.

So, if you can reach a site that was out of your reach by faking your phone's GPS with a joystick in Pokémon Go, you will enjoy the game more.

Catch water Pokémon:

What if you live in a location with no water body nearby? There is no way you can get water-type Pokémon except for trading. But if you can fake your GPS with a joystick, you can switch to a place with a large water body and catch all Magikarps and Febbas you want!

Solve the Pokémon Go unavailable problem:

Some countries banned Pokémon Go for being too dangerous or other reasons. But that's not true, Pokémon Go isn't dangerous. If you are in a place where Pokémon Go is unavailable, you can simply fake your GPS to a region where Pokémon Go is available with a joystick.

Fake GPS on Pokémon Go with joystick on iPhone via Location Changer

You might think of jailbreaking your iPhone to gain a fake GPS plugin with a joystick for Pokémon Go. But it is not recommended because jailbreaking makes your iPhone less secure. Apple does not want users to jailbreak their iPhones, and as the iOS system upgrades, jailbreaking becomes more and more difficult on iPhones.

But there's a safe choice for you - Location Changer, with using it, you don't need to jailbreak your iPhone to fake your GPS with the joystick. And it won't invade your iPhone's privacy and you can fake GPS with joystick for Pokémon Go easily.

Pros of using Location Changer's Joystick Mode:

  • Faking your GPS in Pokémon Go or other location-based games is quick and easy.
  • There is no limitation, you can go wherever you want.
  • A map can collect your history-located places and the routes you have used.
  • Almost all iOS devices are compatible with it.
  • You can control where your character moves with a certain speed in the game.

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Now let's begin faking your GPS on iPhone with a joystick for Pokémon Go via Location Changer:

For Modify Location:

1. Download Location Changer and run it once installed. Click Start on your computer after connecting your iPhone with a USB cable.

Note: You will require to tap Trust and enter your lock screen passcode on your iPhone to let the computer access your iPhone.

2. In the main interface, select Modify Location, which allows you to change your GPS location.

3. The search field on the left side of the page allows you to enter the address or place you want to move to. Once you've decided which location to go to, click Confirm Modify, then your GPS in Pokémon Go will be immediately faked.

Note: If you do not have Developer Mode enabled on your iPhone before using the software, you will be prompted to turn it on.

Faking your location is easy with Location Changer, but what if you want to simulate walking? Because remember, though you're transported to a different place unless you move, you won't find many new Pokémon; standing ideally in one place is not very feasible, especially if your goal is to catch as many Pokémon as possible.

So what now? There's a simple solution: fake walking, just like we faked our location. The state-of-the-art software allows you to simulate walking from point A to point B, even to point C! It provides you with three options: One-stop Mode, Multi-stop Mode, and Joystick Mode. Let's go over them one by one.

For One-stop Mode:

As the name suggests, this mode allows only one stop. So basically, you select the starting location and the ending location and then you can simulate moving your GPS between these two locations.

1. Select the One-stop Mode option in the main interface.

2. Set your Start and End locations, set the speed of the movement, and you can even set how many times you want to move along this route. When you are done with the setup, click Start Move.

For Multi-stop Mode:

The Multi-stop mode is a bit different from the One-stop Mode. As you can make out from the terminology, the multi-stop mode will allow you to stop at multiple locations to fake your GPS location in a move.

1. Select the Multi-stop Mode in the main interface.

2. Type all the GPS locations you want to fake moving and set a movement speed in the range of 0-180 km/h. When you are done, click Start move and your iPhone will begin moving along the route your set.

For Joystick Mode:

If you don't want to simulate walking between two points, and want control over where your character moves in the game, then you can use Joystick Mode to fake your GPS in Pokémon Go. It helps you to move your character in the game as you wish.

1. Select Joystick Mode in the main interface.

2. You can choose the movement mode you want.

If you want to use the Mouse Mode, you can click it at the right bottom. After setting your speed, you can control the movement by clicking the ↑ ↓ ← → buttons.

When you use the Free Mode, your direction will be controlled by your mouse, you can use the WSAD keys on your keyboard to refer ↑ ↓ ← → with the speed you set.

Tip: Make sure you have a walking speed of 9.3 km/h, which is walking speed, any speed faster than that, Pokémon Go will think you're traveling in a vehicle.

How to fake GPS for Pokémon Go with a joystick on Android via the Fake GPS app

It's trivial to fake your GPS with a joystick for Pokémon Go on an Android phone and there are many spoof location apps for Android phones to fake GPS location with a joystick for Pokémon Go. You can download one from the Google Play Store as you like. Here we will introduce you to the Fake GPS Location app, one of the most recommended apps.

Fake GPS with a joystick in Pokémon Go on Android phones via location change app:

1. Download the Fake GPS Location app in the store.

3. Open Settings on your phone, scroll down to tap on About phone, and then tap the Software information option.

4. Next, tap on Build number seven times and you will be asked to enter your phone pin. After that, you will see a prompt that says your Develop mode has been turned on.

5. Then, go back to the Settings page and scroll down, you will see the Developer options at the bottom, tap on it.

6. Tap the Select mock location app option and choose the fake location app you installed.

7. You can now open the fake GPS location app and enter anywhere you want the Pokémon Go to be. After the app faked your location, launch Pokémon Go and you will find yourself just in the place you faked with the joystick.


With the methods provided in this article, faking GPS with the joystick in Pokémon Go is simple and quick, and you can now play the game without geographical restrictions. Enjoy your time catching Pokémon and playing against other competitors in Pokémon Go!


Will Pokémon Go ban me for spoofing location?
As of yet, there is no information on that, and likely never will be. As you are not doing anything that breaks the policies of the game developer, you are not doing anything wrong in their view, so enjoy GPS faking without worries.
Will my Pokémon be disappeared if I catch them in a faked GPS location?
No, everyone Pokémon you catch will be saved. You fake your location, but Pokémon Go will assume you just go somewhere else to catch more Pokémon.
Can I use a VPN to fake my GPS with a joystick for Pokémon Go?
Yes and No. You can download a VPN to change your location, but doing this will not change your location in the game. you can give Location Changer a shot, it is a safe choice to fake your GPS.
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