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The 10 Best Free Movies Sites

If you are a movie fanatic who is always looking for free movie content, this guide is for you. We have listed the ten best free movies sites that will allow you to watch your favorite content without hassle.

Alice Estelle
Updated on Apr 21, 2023

Choose any of the movie sites in this article and start watching free movies!

Free movie sites are a practical yet economical method to enjoy your favorite movies in the comfort and privacy of your own home. In this modern era where everything is only one finger away, people seek ways to make their TV-watching hobby as convenient as possible.

Thus, they look for free movies sites that allow them to access all their favorite content on a single website without spending a dime on DVDs, CDs, or TV.

Benefits of free movie sites

Who doesn't like free stuff? The happiness of getting free things escalates when you get what you always wanted and couldn't afford. This includes the desire to watch movies free of cost to get a relaxing and calming spare time after a tough hectic day. Thus, these free movie sites will not only give you a chance to benefit your mental health but also help your whole body recover from fatigue and pain.

Another great benefit of free movie sites is watching films without caring about a specific time and place. In old times, one had to wait until they got home or book a seat in a movie theatre, causing stress and inconvenience to their already messy life. However, with these free movie sites, you can watch your favorite movies anywhere and anytime without waiting in line to pay for a ticket.

Best Free Movies Sites

Without waiting more, let's dig deep into the best sites to watch movies online free of cost.

1. AZMovies

This website uses one of the quickest and simplest methods for finding and exploring movies you have always wanted to watch.

With its abundance of totally free movie content, AZMovies is one of the top choices for movie enthusiasts who love to watch new and recently launched films without spending a coin. To deliver the best for its viewers, this website for streaming movies ensures that a user never misses a single release, thanks to its daily updates.

In addition to enjoying the site's updated content, one must be ready to experience its flaws. When attempting to watch a movie, the site's frequent outages and commercial pop-ups can be annoying, resulting in a less pleasant screening time. If these problems are sorted out, AZMovies could be a real gem for entertainers and film fanatics.

2. Vudu

Vudu is the first on-demand American digital video store and streaming service that provides digital movies in HD, giving users a way better experience than other websites.

While providing free and premium content, this movie streaming website offers high-quality content without displaying annoying pop-ups. The website categorizes movies for easy browsing, including categories like horror, kids, new releases, etc. Moreover, a movie rental feature is also available, allowing you to save money.

The drawbacks of this high-end website include the availability of costly films and the requirement of logging into the site to access the content. Besides that, you can easily watch the free version of movies without any hassle.

3. The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel is a home for a free ever-changing selection of original series, TV shows, hit movies, and popular kids' entertainment.

Undoubtedly, The Roku Channel is one of the best sites to watch movies online for free, as it offers video streaming on all devices with a responsive and simple-to-use interface. Some of the most popular Netflix shows are among Roku's remarkable content collection.

Most movies are free, but you still have to pay for newly released content. Although it is a home for a bunch of free films, it is supported by ads that can add a slight annoyance to your relaxed time.

4. Tubi

Tubi is an American over-the-top ad-supported content streaming service with the most extensive library of content with over 40,000 movies and television shows.

As long as your device is online and connected, you can use Tubi to watch your desired content from major film studios. With its intuitive app and web streaming choices, you can easily watch videos on your tablet, smartphone, or laptop.

The unwanted commercial breaks and the availability of an outdated content library make the website less convenient. Other than these flaws, Tubi can be easily used to access to spend your next movie night.

5. Crackle

Crackle, formerly called Sony Crackle and Grouper, is a free video streaming service offering a wide selection of original content and acquired programming.

While being accessible on almost all platforms, the website offers all of its material for free, allowing you to watch everything you see on the website without paying a penny. What's more flattering is its extensive selection of films, including various old and new genres. The availability of the Crackle mobile app makes it easier for users to access their desired content anywhere and anytime.

The only drawback of this fantastic free movie site is that it is only available in the US and its territories, restricting movie fanatics from other regions from watching their favorite films. Other than that, it is an excellent opportunity for US residents to get highly engaging content free of cost.

6. Yidio

Yidio can be considered a unique movie-watching website that offers all TV shows and films from Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and hundreds of other providers in one convenient location.

Yidio does its job by redirecting you to third-party services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and others via its own website. You require a subscription to access some movies, but the free filter on the left side allows you to extract the free content without wasting time.

In Addition to this filter, filters regarding popularity and date are also available, giving you the best user experience. Renting and buying movies is also one of the most incredible features offered by Yidio. If we talk about the cons, streaming through other sites and incorrectly labeling some paid movies as free makes the website less demanding and engaging.

7. YouTube

Who doesn't know about this fantastic video streaming website where you can find everything from the latest and greatest movies to independent releases free of cost?

YouTube is a great one-stop shop for all forms of video content as it provides hundreds of free movies with quality ranging from low to as high as 4k resolution. Moreover, it is one of the few websites that allows users to rate the content, where you can also read user reviews of the movies as you watch them.

The only problem with using YouTube is that you might be unable to find newly-released content, making it challenging to get what you want.

8. Cineb

A free streaming service, Cineb gives users access to the most recent high-definition movies and television shows on the web without spending a dime.

In Addition to offering 4K resolution for video streaming, Cineb TV allows you to select a genre and country to get desired content in a matter of seconds. Cineb now has an Android app that lets you download content to watch later, eliminating the need for an internet connection.

But several ads popping up while watching a movie can be annoying, giving users even more stress than they have already been dealing with.

9. Peacock

Peacock is an American high-end video streaming service with a free and ad-supported plan allowing users to access 40,000 hours of content.

Peacock TV offers a constrained range of content on the free tier to set it apart from the subscription versions of its service. Even still, the free tier has no significant limitations, providing users with free content without hassle.

The flaws include a constantly changing movie library and fewer original series availability, making the website less enjoyable despite its free content.

10. Kanopy

For public libraries, colleges, and universities, Kanopy is the only well-known streaming video platform providing movies and documentaries in various ranges.

To get free movie streaming, Kanopy requires a working library card or university login. The movies are free of advertisements, and new ones are added each month. For those seeking something a little different, this is a fantastic fit because numerous documentaries and foreign films are available, allowing students with a working library card to access the content they desire.

The eligibility to access the content is the major flaw of this website. It means that you need a working library card to watch your favorite documentary here.


So, this was all about the best free movies websites, each with its own distinctive pros and cons. Read the above suggestions carefully and choose the website that suits you the best. Turn on your internet, grab your popcorn and spend a relaxed night at home without spending a fortune.

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