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Unlock Your iPhone without Using the Passcode or iTunes

If you forgot your iPhone passcode and don't have a computer nearby, follow our guide to easily unlock your iPhone without a passcode or access to iTunes within minutes.

Pauline Larson
Updated on Nov 15, 2022

Not using iTunes on a computer, you can take other different approaches to unlock your iPhone without passcode easily and quickly.

Are you unable to unlock your iPhone without a passcode or iTunes? Losing access to your iPhone due to a forgotten passcode can be a frustrating experience. Whether it's an old iPhone that you want to resell or use again but forget the passcode, you can still regain access to it by the only means, which is to reset the iPhone.

Note: If you forgot the passcode to your iPhone and made consecutive attempts of inputting wrong passcode, you will be refused to get into it for a specific interval. When receiving false passcodes for the tenth times, your iPhone will lock itself forever. All you can do to unlock the iPhone without a passcode is reset it. In this case, all the data and contents will be removed after the reset. You can still recover it from your backup if you have made one recently.

Access to a computer and iTunes can help you reset and unlock an iPhone without a passcode. However, not everyone can use iTunes to unlock an iPhone when they don't know the passcode. Some technical issues like your computer is too old to run iTunes well or fails to install it, would leave you unable to unlock your iPhone without a passcode.

The good news is you can still unlock an iPhone without passcode or iTunes. Here's how.

Tip: Try iPhone Unlocker. It is a rather efficient and intuitive 3rd-party passcode removal tool for you to unlock your iPhone when you don't have the passcode and can't use iTunes.

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No iTunes - Unlock an iPhone without Passcode by Erase iPhone Feature

Performing a reset via Apple's Erase iPhone Feature is a straightforward process that will allow you to unlock an iPhone when you don't have access to your passcode or iTunes.

After you inputted the wrong passcodes to your iPhone for multiple times, you will get an iPhone Unavailable screen with the Erase iPhone option presented. Then with a few taps on the iPhone, you can finish the unlocking process without passcode or iTunes or computer.


1. While on your iPhone's lock screen, repeatedly attempt to enter your passcode until the "iPhone Unavailable" screen is triggered, displaying the option – Erase iPhone in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Tap on it.

Erase iPhone makes it possible to unlock iPhone without passcode or iTunes.

Note: To utilize this feature as an iPhone unlocking solution without iTunes when you don't have the passcode, you need to meet these requirements: your iPhone should enable iOS 15.2 or later system and stable Wi-Fi or cellular network; your Apple ID and password should also be available.

2. You will be asked to confirm your selection, tap Erase iPhone again.

Confirm the iPhone unlocking process without passcode or iTunes.

4. Now enter your Apple ID password. This will sign you out of the iPhone. Once again, tap Erase iPhone to start the process of deleting all the data on your device.

Sign out before unlocking your iPhone without passcode or iTunes.

When the unlocking process is complete without passcode or iTunes, your iPhone will restart. All the content will have been erased but you will have access to your iPhone again. Follow the onscreen instructions, which will assist you in retrieving your data and settings from a backup.

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No iTunes - Unlock an iPhone without Passcode by iPhone Unlocker (Highly Recommend)

The method introduced above is a great option to unlock an iPhone without iTunes when not knowing the passcode. However, not all users have an iPhone that supports iOS15.2 or later. If you are one of them, take a look at this recognized third-party solution, iPhone Unlocker.

With this tool, you can easily reset all lock screen passcodes, including Face ID, Touch ID, Screen Time passcode, and Apple ID password. Whether it's a 4-digit, 6-digit or alphanumeric security code, iPhone Unlocker has you covered.

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The benefits of using this tool versus other methods:

  • It can unlock all models of iPhone and iPad, despite which iOS system it runs.
  • Internet connection is not needed in your iPhone when you use this tool to unlock iPhone passcode without iTunes.
  • Apple ID and password are not required, either.

It is a powerful utility and using it is as simple as downloading our software and following these instructions to unlock a locked iPhone without passcode or iTunes.

Step 1: Run iPhone Unlocker on your Mac or PC, select "Wipe Passcode" from the main menu.

2. Press "Start" next, and connect your iPhone to your computer. At this point, click "Device connected but not recognized?" to see how to make your iPhone read by the software. You will now be walked through the process of putting your device into Recovery Mode.

3. Then confirm your device information as required, and click "Start" to move on the iPhone unlocking process without using passcode or iTunes.

Later, the suitable iOS software for your device will begin to download.

4. Finally, once the software completed the download, a warning will pop up letting you know that all your data and settings will be erased and your iPhone will be upgrading to the latest version of iOS system. To confirm the iPhone unlocking without passcode, enter "0000" and click "Unlock."

Your iPhone will then be getting unlocked without passcode or iTunes. Once the process is finished, you can regain access to your iPhone, and you will be able to restore all your data from your last iCloud or computer backup.

No iTunes - Unlock an iPhone without Passcode by Find My iPhone

If you have lost an iPhone with the Find My iPhone option activated, you can find it by logging into iCloud in a browser. This feature will also allow you to erase an iPhone remotely, thereby unlocking the iPhone without using passcode or iTunes.

Tip: To use this feature to unlock your iPhone without the passcode or access to iTunes, network connection should be enabled. And you should also have your Apple ID password in hand.

Use Find My to start the iPhone unlocking process without passcode by the following steps:

1. Enter iCloud.com into your web browser. Input your Apple ID and Password if prompted. When the menu appears, click on the "Find iPhone" option.

2. A map will be displayed. At the top of the screen, there is a pull-down list called "All Devices". Hit that, and choose the iPhone you need to unlock without using passcode or iTunes.

3. Once selected, you will be shown the current location of the iPhone. In the top left-hand section of the screen, you will be given three options: Play Sound, Lost Mode, and Erase iPhone. Click on Erase iPhone.

4. Tap Erase to confirm the reset when prompted. This will trigger the iPhone unlocking process without the need of using passcode and iTunes.

Soon your device will be unlocked. Feel free to start your iPhone anew.


Can I unlock my iPhone without losing any data?
We are sorry to tell you that the anwser is NO. To unlock an iPhone without a passcode, you will have to perform a reset of the device, which will erase all the data and settings. Therefore, it's important to perform frequent backups of your iPhone to Apple's iCloud service so that you can restore your data after the device resets.
My iPhone is running iOS 15.2, but why is there still no "Erase iPhone" option?
There are plenty of technical errors and other issues that can arise with Apple's iOS system, leading to the "Erase iPhone" option not displaying on your device. If this is the case, you should consider using another method to unlock the device, like iPhone Unlocker. It can unlock your iPhone without a passcode or iTunes just in a few steps.
Can I use an Android phone or tablet to unlock an iPhone without a passcode when using Find My iPhone in iCloud?
Yes, you can use an Android device to log into the iCloud.com using your Apple ID and password. A device of any brands will allow you to use this feature to unlock your iPhone without the passcode or access to iTunes.
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