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The Free Christmas Movies on YouTube

As Christmas is approaching, you can spend this big holiday with your friends and family watching some free and interesting movies on YouTube to enjoy a nice and warm time in this cold winter.

Alice Estelle
Updated on Apr 21, 2023

Watch free Christmas movies on YouTube with your family at this meaningful time of the Christmas season!

As the most anticipated season of the year, families come to celebrate Christmas with gusto. It is the most incredible time of the year to get a break from our occupied life routines while spending time with our families. Watching movies and TV shows is a must-do option to ensure a worthwhile time with family and friends. Especially choosing movies based on Christmas can strengthen the emotions of a great family.

There is no doubt that these Christmas movies can evoke family values and morals. And YouTube provides nostalgic moments to capture the viewers in this regard by airing Christmas-based movies. As a globally recognized online video resource, YouTube is a platform that caters to families choosing free Christmas movies to enjoy time with each other, allowing people to experience the full movie and get pleasure from their daily routines.

Here are some free and interesting Christmas movies on YouTube, choose your favorite movies to spend this cozy holiday with your friends and family!

1. A Christmas Story

  • It is a family comedy movie released in the United States and Canada in November 1983.
  • The total duration of the movie is 1 hour and 34 minutes.
  • Its direction was marked by Bob Clark and its screenplay by Jean Shepherd and Bob Clark.
  • Melinda Dillon, Darren McGavin, Peter Billingsley and Ian Petrella performed as the chief characters throughout the film.
  • This movie has been rated 7 stars on IMDb.

The movie is based on the fictional and humorous writings of Jean Shepherd by mixing his two books into the main plot. It focuses on the wish of Ralphie Parker to his parents in getting him a Red Ryder Air Rifle as a Christmas gift. The story meets some comical scenes where Parker convinces his elders to obtain his gift.

2. On the 2nd Day of Christmas

  • It is a comedy-based drama movie released in the United States on December 1997.
  • The movie was aired on Lifetime, an American TV channel that focused on taking females as the lead roles in movies.
  • The total duration of the movie is 1 hour and 36 minutes.
  • Its direction was marked by James Frawley and the story was written by Brian Hohlfeld.
  • Mary Stuart Masterson, Lauren Pratt, Mark Ruffalo and David Hewlett are the main characters of the film.
  • This movie has been rated 6 stars on IMDb.

Con artist Trish and her niece Patsy plan to burglarize a department store over Christmas until they are caught by security guard Bert. After being caught, they are both subject to social services, while Bert and Trish take an interest in each other. And plot twists keep the characters developing each time to reach the story's climax.

3. A Christmas Carol

  • It is a fantasy and animated movie based on Christmas released in the United States and later in London on November 2009.
  • The total duration of the movie is 1 hour and 36 minutes.
  • This film was directed and written by Robert Zemeckis. It was released by Walt Disney Pictures.
  • Several notable actors contributed background voices like Jim Carrey, Colin Firth, Gary Oldman, Bob Hoskins and Robin Wright Penn.
  • This movie has been rated 6 stars on IMDb.

Based on the book of the same name by Charles Dickens, this animated film focuses on an evil businessman, Ebenezer Scrooge, who encounters the ghost of his late partner, Jacob Marley, on Christmas night. Encounters with several other ghosts cause Scrooge to experience many flashbacks as he observes those he has treated tragically. The plot line of the film, which revolves around Scrooge's changing character, ends before Christmas.

4. A Smoky Mountain Christmas

  • An American TV-based movie released in 1986, including genres like music and fantasy.
  • It was released in the United States in December 1986.
  • The total length of the movie is 1 hour and 34 minutes.
  • The film was directed by Henry Winkler and written by William Bleich and Dolly Patron.
  • Dolly Patron played the role of the main protagonist in the movie along with Lee Majors.
  • The movie has got 6.9 stars as a rating on IMDb.

Inspired by the story of Snow White and the Dwarfs, the film stars superstar Lorna Davis, who plans to visit the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee by escaping her busy routine. Upon arriving at her destination, she meets seven orphans hiding in a city orphanage.

They form a bond of friendship until they all meet a strange and adventurous climax. And the adventure never ends for the viewer in this episode as Lorna and the orphans try to help each other escape from each surprising situation.

5. Christmas with a Prince

  • This movie is a comedy-based romantic getaway during Christmas. It was released in 2018 in the United States as a TV-based movie.
  • The direction was done by Justin G. Dyck and the story was written by Keith Cooper.
  • The film stars actors like Kaitlyn Leeb, Nick Hounslow, Melinda Shankar, Charles Shaughnessy, Liam MacDonald and Josh Dean as the main characters.
  • The total duration of the movie is 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • The movie is rated 5 stars on IMDb.

The story revolves around a love relationship between a pediatrician and a prince. The prince breaks his leg while skiing, and then they meet unexpectedly. Tasha is appointed to take care of the child in the ward, where Prince Alexander Cavalieri comes to treat his leg.

Soon, Tasha and the prince begin to develop a new relationship, rather than that of patient and doctor, leading the plot towards comedy and romantic scenes. The theme of the story revolves around the time of Christmas.

6. Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean

  • As the seventh episode of the British series Mr. Bean, this was the last episode of the series released in 1992 and broadcast by Thames Television in the UK.
  • The direction was marked by John Birkin and written by Robin Driscoll, Richard Curtis and Rowan Atkinson.
  • The total running time of the episode is 26 minutes and 27 seconds. It included three sub-acts.
  • The main role of Mr. Bean is played by Rowan Atkinson. The episode also stars guest appearances of Matilda Ziegler, Owen Bergman Johnathan Stratt, John Warner and C. J. Allen.
  • The episode is given 8.9 stars on IMDb.

This episode follows the three acts distributed by Mr. Bean in preparation for Christmas. Bean goes to Harrods to make purchases, and later his girlfriend Irma Gobb comes along. He volunteers with the Salvation Army brass band and steals a Christmas tree to dress up his house.

Later in the preceding act, he decorates his Christmas tree and the attached stocking as a Christmas gift for Teddy. In the third part, he tries to get rid of the turkey stuck in his neck. Finally, Irma and Bean exchange Christmas gifts. All the acts are comically followed by the next act, making it hilarious for the audience.

7. The 12 Dogs of Christmas

  • The family-based holiday and comedy film is a Christmas movie produced by Alchemist Productions. And it was released in the United States in November 2005.
  • The direction is marked by Kieth Merrill and written by Emma Kragen, Steven Leiva and K. Merrill as a screenplay writer.
  • The film stars actors like Jordan-Claire Green, Susan Wood, Tom Kemp, John Billingsley Bonita Friedericy and Adam Hicks as the main characters of the plotline.
  • The total duration of the movie is 1 hour and 42 minutes.
  • The film has been rated 5 stars by IMDb.

The film is a great inspiration for people tackling depression during the Christmas season. Emma O'Connor collects 12 dogs from different owners by making friends and enemies. The plot of this movie revolves around the love of dogs, and it is an absolute pleasure to watch this movie together as a family as Christmas approaches.

8. The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

  • Based on family, comedy and drama genres, this film is a TV-based production.
  • The movie was released in the United States in December 2008 on Hallmark Channel.
  • The film is directed by Michael Scott and written by Bruce Graham.
  • It stars Brooke Burns, Warren Christie, Henry Winker and Connor Christopher Levins as the main protagonist of the movie.
  • The total running time of the movie is 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • A rating of 7 stars is given to the film by IMDb.

A retired police officer, Ralph, goes to visit his niece Jennifer, who lives in Illinois with her son Brian. A cook named Morgan is brought to Jennifer's home by Ralph, and Jennifer does not hesitate to welcome him. Soon they are enjoying each other's company, but Morgan has a commitment to a businessman named Richard. The love trio becomes dramatic as the plot builds to its climax.

9. Christmas for a Dollar

  • The movie is based on drama and family spirit and focuses on the era of The Great Depression.
  • It was released in the United States in December 2013.
  • The film was directed by John Lyde the and story was written by Sally Meyer (screenwriter) based on the book by Gale Sears and Ben Sowards.
  • The total duration of this movie is 1 hour and 41 minutes.
  • The lead role was performed by Brian Krause, Jacob Buster, Danielle Chuchran and Nancy Stafford.
  • A rating of 6 stars is given by IMDb.

The film focuses on a family that spends every Christmas without any presence or joy during the Great Depression. But the warmth and contentment of this family will bring tears to the audience's eyes. The father bringing a dollar to celebrate Christmas is the main storyline of the movie.

10. Miracle on 34th Street

  • Based on the original series written by George Seaton, this movie is a comedy fantasy Christmas movie. It was released in the United States in November 1994.
  • The directing was done by Les Mayfield and the script was done by John Huges and George Seaton.
  • The movie stars Richard Attenborough, Elizabeth Perkins, Dylan McDermott and J.T Walsh as the main characters.
  • The total duration of this movie is 1 hour and 54 minutes.
  • A rating of 6.6 is given by IMDb.

This story is about a six-year-old girl named Susan who has doubts about the myth of Santa Claus at Christmas. And she meets Kris Kringle, who claims to be Santa Claus. When Susan and her mother, Dorey, meet a young lawyer who reveals the myth of Santa Claus, they encounter several results.

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