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10 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites That Work On Any Device

Looking for a platform to stream your favorite sports online? Get an in-depth review of the best sports streaming sites for all your viewing needs to watch sport events online for free.

Ajay Walmsley
Updated on Apr 21, 2023

There are a few sites out there so you can watch the sports online for free on your computer.

In search of a top-quality streaming service to connect and watch live events in Qatar 2022? Look no further! We are here to help you out.

It's that time again when over 32 nations from 7 continents come to compete for medals in different sports. FIFA is here, and sports lovers around the globe are looking forward to battling other giants and bringing medals home.

Do you have your favorite team and would like to stream all of their matches? If so, you can employ the services of a sports streaming site. There are many on the net. However, just a few would let you stream live sports for free. This article is structured to provide the top 10 free sports streaming websites.

If you want to keep the streaming sports for viewing offline later, try recording the screen while you're watching the live sport events on the streaming site. Screen Recorder is a practical and flexible recording solution that helps you record the sports online.

10 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites

Watch your favorite sports online with one of these streaming platforms:

1. Stream2Watch Stream

2Watch is one of the leading online streaming platforms that you can count on to watch your favorite team's performance in the current FIFA World Cup. The site lets you stream popular sports such as basketball, Boxing, Rugby, Soccer, Golf, and others.

It allows you to stream matches in HD quality. This five-star streaming site is free to use and can be accessed from anywhere around the globe. UFC and Wrestling lovers also use this platform to see their favorite sportsmen participate in competitions.

Stream2Watch integrates with many platforms, such as Chrome, Firefox, etc. It's one of the most versatile and reliable streaming services to use. It's nicely built with an intuitive interface that lets you navigate easily.

2. Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports Go is another amazing platform committed to bringing sports lovers closer to their team. It lets you stream live matches without operating system limitations. This online streaming site supports sports like NASCAR, Soccer, WWE, and more. If you love NFL and MLB, Fox Sports Go has your back as the platform lets you view such games.

It allows you to see everything happening in Qatar without leaving your house. Fox Sports Go offers free streaming services. It's designed with a comprehensive interface that permits you to stream your favorite sports without hitchhiking. Users can watch their desired sports in HD quality from any internet-enabled device. So whether you use an iOS, Android, or Mac, you can access Fox Sports Go freely.

3. SportRAR

With the SportRAR streaming service, you can conveniently watch nearly all sports in the current FIFA World Cup. The platform provides you with an easy-to-manage interface to ease sports streaming. It supports popular sporting events such as Football, Basketball, Tennis, Golf, and many others.

Streaming your desired live sports via this site is completely free, and it doesn't require registration. One-click, and you are good to start watching your favorite sports. Compared to other streaming sites, SportRAR rarely pops up ads. The site can be accessed via Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac devices. If you love volleyball and cycling, you can view them on SportRAR.

4. Bosscast

Bosscast is another simple yet efficient platform designed for streaming live sports. The website is fully-featured with all that you need to see your favorite team perform in Qatar 2022. It covers the majority of the sports you know of. From Tennis to Basketball to Football to Soccer and others.

It offers smooth streaming services in HD quality. Bosscat is loaded with quality features to spice up your viewing experience. It provides a chat system where you connect, discuss and make new friends. It's a great streaming site to view sports on the net.

5. LiveTV

LiveTV is a popular streaming site dedicated to covering every sporting event. It focuses on sports like Football, Soccer, Basketball, and Hockey. It lets you stream live games with minimum stress. The platform streams all sports in medium and high quality without lagging.

Did you miss out on a sporting event? LiveTV provides users with highlights. For people who don't want to stream live or watch highlights, you can check the results of your favorite sports on LiveTV for free. Another feature you may find helpful on this platform is the chat system which allows you to connect and share opinions with other fans.

6. Crickfree

Although heavy on ads pop up, Crickfree is a wonderful streaming platform to catch everything happening with your favorite team in FIFA 2022. The platform supports several sporting events- one reason why it's listed as one of the best sports streaming platforms. You can view live events like Football, boxing, cricket, Rugby, basketball, and more.

It's designed with every user in mind. So whether you are an amateur in the tech space or not, you can find your way around Crickfree. Unlike other free streaming sites, Crickfree doesn't support registration for users to access its services. Like LiveTV, Crickfree supports a chat system, so users don't get bored while watching their teams. The chat room is open for discussions like betting, etc.

7. SonyLIV

SonyLIV is another platform that offers HD-quality live streaming of sports like football, WWE, cricket and more. You can also view UFC matches via this website. It's a free streaming site with zero ad,s pop up. One problem with this platform is geographic restrictions. Users from certain regions cannot access the site unless they have VPN connections.

Besides sports, SonyLIV provides movie channels for you to stream exciting movies. Quickly browse your favorite movie by entering the title in the search field, and you are good to start watching. This platform is super easy to navigate as the interface is made simple and clear. No registration is required for you to use stream sports on this website.


ESPN is a well-known sports streaming site that many folks around the globe visit to watch their favorite teams perform. It's an incredible platform famous for covering several sporting events. That's not all, as the site also provides sporting articles, match highlights, country & country rankings, etc.

With ESPN, you can stream live sports like football, basketball, baseball, and hockey without stress. It connects you with everything regarding sports. From FIFA to UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE to BARCLAYS PREMIER LEAGUE, and more. Cricket lovers can also stream live events on this site.

9. Vidgo

Vidgo is another high rated platform designed to offer multiple streaming services. It allows you to conveniently stream live events such as sports, news etc. The platform is loaded with a wide collection of sporting events, such as Football, basketball, and more.

Vidgo grants users total freedom while streaming their preferred sports. It allows you to rewind, pause, and fast forward live sports, news and more without stress. It supports over 100 streaming channels, with more than 10,000 shows. Vidgo is accessible via platforms such as Android, iOS, Firetv and others. This platform offers its services in both English and Spanish.

10. FITE

For folks looking for platforms where they can stream premium sports, FITE is a wonderful site to use. This popular American streaming site lets you enjoy combat sports within the corridor of your home. It's an incredible streaming site with free and premium services.

FITE lets you stream over 1000 live events on a yearly basis. The platform is available to people with devices such as Chromcast, Xbox, Roku, etc. If you own and iOS or Android phone, you can easily stream your favorite sports.


There you go with the best free sport streaming sites. Select one of them to watch your favorite sports today. These platforms are well-designed, simple to operate, trusted, and reliable. You can count on them to connect you with your teams in the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Save live streams for later viewing with the best screen recording solution. We recommend Screen Recorder to capture live events for free.

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