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Free YouTube Music: How to Find Best Free Music for YouTube Videos

Choose the best free YouTube music platform based on this review and comparison of the top 10 music sites where you can get YouTube music for free.

Mark Anderson
Updated on Apr 21, 2023

Check out the best 10 music sites for free YouTube music.

If you are a YouTube content creator who likes to record and upload amazing videos, you know the importance of using the ideal music that compliments your content. Picture yourself working hours creating YouTube content, and after you are done with recording and editing, it is time to search for ideal songs or music to use in it. Suppose you find the perfect song and put it in your video, but all your effort goes to waste due to copyright.

You can easily avoid that by getting royalty-free YouTube music online. It is no secret that background music and songs make any multimedia content perfect. But you can't use songs and music from record labels and major artists because they don't want you to. Therefore, you can get royalty-free music for YouTube on the web. This post will tell you where to find free music for YouTube use and how to get music or videos from YouTube.

How to Get Free Music/Videos from YouTube

YouTube doesn't offer the official option that lets users download the background music directly to their devices. If you want to get audio or videos from YouTube in high-quality, you can simply choose to record them using an expert tool like Screen Recorder. It will help you record everything playing on your computer screen with only a few clicks.

Screen Recorder is one of the best tools for recording your screen activities with or without audio, webcam, and microphone. It enables users to record videos from any website or page in high-quality graphics and audio. You can use it to record free music from any YouTube videos you enjoy. Additionally, it offers multiple advanced recording features, allowing you to create a picture-in-picture video when using a webcam to make reaction videos or tutorials.

Also, you can use Screen Recorder to annotate the captured videos and screenshots. It simplifies your task by providing built-in tools to merge, compress, trim, or convert video recordings without using an extra photo / video editor or file manager. Although Screen Recorder helps you record almost anything from YouTube, keep in mind that you can't use the recorded content for any commercial purposes without owning the copyright. Without further ado, let's look at the best royalty-free YouTube music online websites.

Best Websites to Download Royalty-Free Music for YouTube Videos

1. TakeTones

If you are looking for a website that offers you royalty-free music to download and also helps you save time, TakeTones is your top pick. Using it, you can find excellent music for your YouTube videos within minutes. Most websites charge you for their royalty-free music. Still, with TakeTones, you don't have to pay additional fees to download your desired music. Not only is it the best site for free YouTube music online, but TakeTones also has an advanced search system. It enables users to filter their searches to find any type of music they want to use in their YouTube videos. All music on their website is available for commercial use.

2. ccMixter

The ccMixter is an amazing music platform that promotes collaboration and derivative work for musicians and singers. The ccMixter system is simple and creative. First, singers upload their original vocals on the website. In the same way, musicians upload their music samples. The ccMixter DJs combine the two to create lots of songs. Their subdomain, dig.ccMixter, offers thousands of royalty-free music and songs to download for free. You can search for the music you want to download or use tags to find your desired music from their list. You're even able to find original music for commercial use with one single search.

3. YouTube Audio Library

If you want to get free YouTube music, what's a better place to look than the YouTube Audio Library? Most people search for royalty-free music that they can use in their YouTube videos. While YouTube does not allow users to download music directly from their website, you can use other ways to get the job done. The YouTube free audio library gives you a collection of unlimited songs that you can download with one click. Similar to the official YouTube website, the YouTube Audio Library has a simple UI that lets users quickly search based on genre, style, and length.

4. HookSounds

HookSounds is the best royalty-free music website for those who want unique, modern, and trendy music for their YouTube videos. The websites offer tons of original tracks for free download. Most of the music and tracks available on this website are composed by a few talented artists from around the globe. If you are looking for trendy music to attract more people to watch your YouTube videos, you should visit HookSounds. They have the best non-generic music you can't find on any other website. Although other music sites offer many music types, the tracks from HookSounds are always on another level.

5. InCompetech

With InCompetech, it is a matter of quality over quantity. That is, if you are looking for a website with an unlimited music library, then you should try other websites because InCompetech does not have a large collection with thousands of tracks for each genre. However, if you want high-quality sound effects and songs and you know the type you are looking for, InCompetech is definitely your best pick. The American composer Kevin Macleod brought us this amazing platform with his thousands of personally composed tracks, making the InCompetech now one of the most popular free YouTube music platforms online.

6. Mixkit

The procedure is the same for most if you want to download songs from royalty-free music websites. You visit the website, sign up, create an account, and pay their fees to download tracks. Mixkit enables users to skip all of these steps. Here, all you have to do is to visit the Mixkit website, look up the songs you want to download, and save them for commercial use with a single click. It's just that simple with Mixkit, and you don't have to sign up or make additional settings to access all the stock music.

7. Free Music Archive

The free music archive offers users an unlimited royalty-free music collection composed by artists worldwide. It is a legal music download library, so you don't have to worry about downloading music and getting a copyright claim after using it in your video. Although every artist on free music archive can determine the copyrights for their original uploads, normal users also get exclusive treatment. Free music Archive lets you preview and downloads their music without creating an account or paying anything.

8. Jamendo

Jamendo is a little different from other royalty-free music libraries. It basically offers you two music platforms – Jamendo Music & Jamendo Licensing. The music platform on Jamendo allows users to stream all songs for free. The important thing is that all of these songs come with the creative commons license. Its licensing platform gives you royalty-free music for commercial use, but you'll have to pay to get the music you want. So, it is better to use its Music platform to get songs for free. However, unlike other free music websites, Jamendo does not have an extensive free YouTube music web collection.

9. TuneReel

If you are willing to pay a reasonable price to download all the royalty-free YouTube music online, TuneReel would be a good option for you. You only have to pay the monthly subscription fee, which will cover the cost of any song you wish to download from the website. You can search for the songs you want by selecting different playlists. You can also search by genre, mood, or instruments. With all its features and royalty-free pricing, its basic plan of 69 dollars per year seems economical.

10. Artlist

Let's talk about the royalty-free music platform that gives users the most freedom after they get a monthly subscription. Artlist is an exclusive website that converted the music licensing system to a subscription-based system. It gives YouTubers the most freedom by allowing them to download any music for commercial use within their subscription period. It means that once you download something from Artlist, you can use it forever without worrying about copyrights. To get free YouTube music, you can subscribe to it for a year with 120 dollars.

Bottom Line

Let's conclude our recommendations for the best royalty-free YouTube music web here. If you are willing to spend a little money and get a monthly-subscriptions on one of the listed websites, don't hesitate because it's the right choice. Although you can get royalty-free music without any cost from some websites, paid websites give you an unlimited collection of songs. Also, you can use Sound Recorder to capture anything on your computer, including YouTube videos, music, and other audio files. With it, you can record and save your desired YouTube music and videos quickly and easily.

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