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10 Best Free Anime Sites [2023 Updated]

Looking for the best free sites to watch anime? Look no further! We have made a list of the top 10 free anime websites for you.

Pauline Larson
Updated on Apr 21, 2023

You can enjoy various anime for free on the best sites recommended below.

Are you an anime fan looking for free ways to watch your amazing shows and movies? Then look no further! This blog post will look at the best free anime sites on the internet that provide hours of non-stop entertainment. We've got you covered!

From around-the-clock streaming services to next-day downloads and releases, these free anime websites offer various anime titles from all genres - action, adventure, comedy and more! So grab some popcorn, and let's dive into the world of exciting anime with these top picks for free access to streamed content.

1. 9anime

9Anime is widely regarded as one of the best free anime streaming sites. It offers various anime titles and genres, from classic to contemporary shows. Unlike some other streaming services, It does not require subscription fees or advertisements to access its content. It offers a huge selection of old and new anime titles, with many being simulcasted straight from Japan. The video quality is generally high, and no ads or pop-ups interrupt your viewing experience.

Best of all, 9anime has an easy-to-navigate website, making it easy to find whatever you're looking for. It makes it an ideal option for those who love watching anime but need more budget for premium subscriptions. Furthermore, its vast library of titles allows users to discover various interesting new shows to watch. With its simple-to-use interface and no hidden costs, it is sure to be a great choice for any anime fan!

2. Gogoanime.so

Gogoanime.so is known to be one of the best free anime sites for fans of all ages who want to watch their favorite shows online. It provides a wide selection of both classic and current titles, with no cost or subscription required. All content is HD quality and can be streamed on mobile devices, computers, smart TVs, and gaming consoles – making it a great option for casual viewers and serious anime fans.

With such a wide selection of anime, it will surely have something for everyone. So, if you're looking for the best free anime streaming site, go to Gogoanime.so! Ir is an excellent site for anyone who wants to watch anime for free.

3. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is considered one of the best free anime sites on the internet. It has a huge selection of anime series, films, and other content available for streaming in high quality at no cost. With Crunchyroll, viewers can watch their favorite shows without worrying about ads or commercial interruptions.

Aside from anime, it also offers a variety of manga titles and other Japanese entertainment genres such as music, gaming, news and culture sources. The platform also hosts conventions and special events related to popular anime titles.

You can access all of these great features by signing up for an account on Crunchyroll. The basic membership will give you access to almost all the content for free and then with premium plans. You can unlock exclusive shows, simulcasts and discounts, and early access to new episodes. It is available across devices to watch your favorite anime anywhere! Join now and start watching your favorite anime today!

4. AnimeFreak

AnimeFreak is one of the amazing free anime sites around. They offer a wide selection of Anime shows, both old and new, available for you to stream for free. It has something for everyone - from classic series to modern adaptations. There's sure to be something that appeals to any fan of anime. Better still, they don't require a subscription or additional fees, so you can watch your favorite shows without spending any money.

The site offers both subbed and dubbed versions of its content, giving users more control over how they watch their favorite titles. It provides fans access to exclusive forums where they can chat with other members, discuss new releases, and get news on upcoming events.

5. AnimeDao

AnimeDao is one of the best free anime streaming sites available on the web. It provided a wide variety of anime titles and series. The site also features a unique recommendation system that helps you find new favorites to watch. With AnimeDao, you can access thousands of episodes from some of the most popular animé franchises worldwide in seconds.

If you are searching for a free anime site to access thousands of episodes from some of the most popular anime franchises worldwide, try AnimeDao!

6. Kissanime

As one of the top free anime sites, Kissanime provides a large selection of classic and modern anime, as well as a variety of other features that make it an ideal place to watch anime. With a user-friendly interface, Kissanime makes browsing through its extensive library of titles and genres easy to find the perfect show for any fan. It's simple yet effective design ensures fast streaming and smooth loading speeds so that viewers can enjoy their favorite shows without interruption.

Viewers don't have to pay for premium subscriptions or downloads to watch their favorite anime shows. All that's required is an internet connection, so anyone can enjoy their favorite anime without breaking the bank. With its vast library of titles and up-to-date content, there's something for everyone on Kissanime.

7. Chia-Anime

Chia-Anime is one of the best free anime sites available. It offers various multile choices for different anime shows. It also supports HD resolution for many of their shows and movies, which makes the viewing experience much more enjoyable. And The site features a library of related manga, light, and visual novels. It is available globally, so fans can enjoy their favorite anime from wherever they are. Chia-Anime also offers high-definition streams for premium members.

If you want to watch your favorite anime on a great free anime streaming site, Chia-Anime is the way to go!

8. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is one of the best free anime sites on the web. It's library consists of Hollywood hits, independent films, documentaries, anime titles, and foreign-language content. It is free to use and requires no subscription. The service also has robust parental controls that allow parents to restrict access to age-inappropriate content.

If you need a free site to watch your favorite anime shows, Tubi TV has you covered!

9. Anime Planet

AnimePlanet is considered one of the best free anime sites on the Internet. This site provides an extensive selection of anime and allows you to create customized lists, and rate shows you have watched. It's easy to get started - create an account and browse the anime shows available on AnimePlanet. Everything is free to watch, and no downloads are required.

Give it a try and see why so many people consider AnimePlanet, one of the top free anime sites!

10. Anime Heaven

Anime Heaven is the ultimate destination for Anime fans, offering the best free anime streaming content on the web. It's a one-stop shop for all your favorite Japanese Animation titles, from classic hits to modern-day classics. With thousands of anime episodes and movies to choose from, it's easy to find anything that suits everyone's tastes.

Whether you're a casual watcher or a diehard devotee, there will be something here on Anime Heaven to satisfy your cravings. Dive into an endless library of free anime shows and movies with Anime Heaven! You won't regret it.


To sum up, if you're an avid anime fan and looking for the best free anime sites, this list of recommendations should give you a good starting point. These sites offer plenty of great shows and films that can help you combat boredom blues. Additionally, they provide various features to enhance your viewing experience, including multiple language options and streamlined user interfaces. Whichever site you choose, we guarantee that it will be worth the time spent!

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