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The 9 Best Fallout Games

The fallout franchise has had many amazing games throughout the years. Check out this article to see what were the top 9 best fallout games.

Robert Chilcott
Updated on Apr 21, 2023

Deciding which fallout games are the best can be quite difficult, especially for the fans.

Fallout games are quite popular among fans and have been around for some time now and have undergone quite a change through the years. They have come a long way, beginning from the classic RPG genre and then coming to the modern first-person open-world games.

Players are free to choose their own story in the game's settings, along with plenty of memorable scenes. This article will discuss the best fallout games since the start of their journey. So, if you are a beginner and want to get hooked on the games but need help knowing where to start, you have come to the right place. So, let's get started!

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter has managed to portray the charm and aesthetic of the fallout games perfectly. As it is free-to-play, players do not have to spend real money in Fallout Shelter, and it is also generous with its in-game currency.

It is a simulation game where players build their vaults and manage their resources and people in their vaults by improving their quality of life. The rooms of the Vault can also be expanded, or players can build new rooms for different purposes.

The game might seem a little slow at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will find yourselves enjoying it. The game was initially developed for mobile phones before hitting PCs and consoles. Its simple yet addicting mechanics made Fallout Shelter an entertaining game for all of players.

Due to its animations of the Vault Boy and its trademark style, Fallout Shelter is among the best fallout games on this list.

Fallout 1

Fallout 1 is the game that started a long and exciting series of fallout games in 1997. A retro-futuristic world we all love and enjoy was built on the foundations laid down by developer Interplay in this game.

Vault 13 is where your character lives in the game, set in the year 2161. The players embark on a journey into the Wasteland in order to protect their vault when it comes under threat. RPG players who have never played this game before may be put off by its style and look at first look.

However, this was a fine title in its own way and established a lot of what players witnessed in the later titles. It also features a Karma system throughout the series that affects the way in which the world views your character.

Fallout 1 features NPCs, a classic Special skills system, branching dialogue, companions, and several ways to solve quests. Once you get past the UI that hasn't aged well and the standards of modern times, you will see why it is an interesting game and why we have listed it as the best fallout game.

Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas is the perfect example of the way an RPG should work and is among the best RPG games. In this game, your character is a Mojave Express courier trying to deliver a strange package when you are ambushed and left for dead.

Following that, you will find yourself caught in something more puzzling and bigger. You will travel through New York and meet all types of mysterious characters on the way. The game features an amazing storyline and choices with different consequences.

Three influential powers, i.e., Caesar's Legion, New California Republic (NCR), and the illusive Mr. House focus on outplaying each other for control of the Mojave Wasteland. It can be said that the game features some of the best NPCs.

Fallout: Brotherhood Of Steel

Due to its plain and simple nature setting the game apart from other fallout games, Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel is not as popular or liked as the other games on this list. By the looks of it, it can be easily guessed that the game was made in a hurry.

The game features the story of a post-apocalyptic world where the world is suffering due to a nuclear war. The game pays little to no attention to the other fallout games. You will find yourself traversing through the landscape for hours, fighting and defeating the same enemies the whole time in the game. It feels like you're doing the same thing repeatedly in this game, from the storyline to the combat system.

Fallout 3

Many fans consider Fallout 3 as the best fallout game in the series that changed up the entire game. Players explore the Wasteland through a first-person perspective while experiencing some intense fighting.

The game took the series to a 3D open-world experience. Plenty of trademarks have remained the same in the game, for example, Dialogue options, Special skills, and Karma. Nevertheless, we did see the introduction of some new features, such as the assisted targeting system VATS.

The world in Fallout 3 is a carefully detailed rendering of a post-apocalyptic Washington DC. There is something so immersive about Fallout's world that comes from the political divisions and factions of the scene. This one definitely deserves to be called the best fallout game.

Fallout 76

The idea of fallout online multiplayer might sound exciting to many players, but it does not have the same appeal and wonder as the other fallout games. The NPCs were absent during the launch; however, they were added, making the game feel more alive than before.

Moreover, the bugs and incomplete quests made the game frustrating to boot. However, if you have some good friends to mess around with, you might end up having lots of fun in the game. This one is pretty average compared to the rest of the fallout games.

Fallout Tactics

Fallout Tactics is different from the other fallout games and introduces the Wastelands to a different genre of play. The game does not follow the story of Fallout but instead makes a path of its own.

It features an interesting story, and the way the game provides different options and approaches helps make for an exciting and thrilling experience. The voice acting in the game is fantastic.

Moreover, the most catchy line out of all fallout games was said by Paladin Ryczek in the beginning, which sends players down a nostalgic path when and if they hear it. This game is definitely worth a play, even if it offers little freedom as compared to being a vault dweller.

Fallout 2

There weren't many differences between Fallout 1 and 2. However, Fallout 2 did take some of the features from its predecessors and polished them up to make it look and feel better. Players consider this game an essential beginning to the series and more approachable.

In Fallout 2, you play as a direct descendant of the previous Vault dweller, and it is set 80 years after the events of Fallout 1. After getting rid of the annoying features from Fallout 1, such as time limits on completing quests, many familiar systems are now available here.

This used to be the best fallout game in the early times until fallout transformed and developed into what it is today.

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is the most recent single-player fallout game and has tons to offer to the players. The game features a Ghoul-invested town, side quests and gives players a chance to build their own settlements without them getting bored or tired.

However, there are some points where Fallout 4 seems to be lacking. A few main features are also missing from the previous Fallout game, including the Karma feature, and the storyline.

The game still manages to be fantastic, regardless of its faults. It consists of some of the best combat out of all the fallout titles, but for some unknown reason, it still feels like something major is missing in the game.


These were all the best fallout games that were released over the years in the fallout franchise. Hope you will agree with our picks for this list, and we hope you enjoyed these games as well.

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